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us grandmaster  12protoss twitch [SIoth] TeslaPracticing with FuturE --Tesla Top16 GM will starcraft for food7
us grandmaster  22protoss twitch [SIoth] Razejust your average race traitor 3
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us grandmaster  37terran twitch [CrayS] JasonEducational Top GM Terran Ladder46
eu grandmaster  58protoss twitch [EXEED] GeraltExeed Esports Gerald EU 47
us grandmaster  65zerg twitch [ROOT] ViBEProtoss Attempt M1->GM! - !ZERGgm !PROTOSSgm !TERRANgm333
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us master 1 709protoss twitch IntuitioN5.2k to GM toss4
us master 1 799terran twitch IBIMarineLADDER TERRAN3
us master 1 805terran twitch [INFED] Finnz[UK] Finnz Bad Terran (Late Night Ladder Until I Cant Take Losing Anymore xD)6
kr master 2 813terran twitch Terra5000+ Terran 초심으로 돌아가자11
eu master 1 1155protoss twitch [PUDDI] KatanaSecret Latenightstream mit Katana - Enjoy and relax :-) 16
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us master 1 1593protoss twitch [LQV] FLORENCIOFLORENCIO - PROTOSS39
eu master 1 1884protoss twitch [OGTV] TKLRetourner à 5K MMR71
us master 3 2335terran twitch [PsiX] DroptimusM3 Terran. 1080p 60fps.5
us master 3 2396zerg twitch [Amov3] mintmusic / z / t7
us master 3 2902zerg twitch [HOTDAM] TempO♫Temp0♫ Oh, hey there! Let's try this Throwback Thursday thing again97