kr grandmaster  77protoss twitch [ROOT] puCKKR Server! Going for top 50 going for 6400! - puCK - 140
us grandmaster  9zerg twitch [Meliora] JimRising[ESP] TOP 16 GRANDMaster tratando de dejar de ser bronce194
us grandmaster  13terran twitch TOPStarCraft & Chillㅣ!event New !replaypack !coach !subgoalㅣ225
us grandmaster  46random twitch [x5] PiGTempo, Momentum, Aggression - Starlord! - GM With All Races + Commentary- !beginner !builds !yt !icyfar661
us grandmaster  172protoss twitch [SIoth] omgabananaSloth Academy vs PSISTM Wardi Team League Qualifiers14
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us master 1 795terran twitch [KMT] MoneyPrimemoxy?? more like Toxy6
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