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US Server Rank: 2

Official Twitter account of professional multi-gaming organization Rival Gaming™ with teams in: Starcraft 2, & Heroes of the Storm.





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us grandmaster  62protoss [Rival] Hjax574257% 44-331039Σ
us grandmaster  111protoss Carrier [Rival] Peppy552459% 300-2082168Σ (AUS)
us grandmaster  115zerg Carrier [Rival] Peppy550764% 87-481584Σ (AUS)
us grandmaster  127zerg Stetmann [Rival] Ryuga548960% 25-17601
us grandmaster  134terran SCret Admirer [Rival] RunaMoK546656% 157-1241401Σ
us grandmaster  137zerg Ascended Kerrigan [Rival] Nistic ([Rival] CharmQuark)545850% 100-992326Σ
us grandmaster  149zerg SCret Admirer [Rival] CalebAracous543957% 201-1532348Σ
us grandmaster  164terran Narud [Rival] WildGame540756% 115-901705Σ
us master 1 341terran 4th Anniversary Terran [Rival] Cuddlebear58260% 0-10Σ
us master 1 344terran Kachinsky [Rival] Haste (IIIIIIIIIII)581868% 25-12918Σ
us master 1 384terran Kachinsky [Rival] Cuddlebear (IMcuddlebear)575268% 30-14728Σ
us master 1 423terran Kachinsky [Rival] FoxeR (salHeh)56770% 0-20Σ
us master 1 431terran Sentry [Rival] Kozan565952% 133-1251181Σ
us master 1 477protoss SCret Admirer [Rival] Hjax ([Cuddl3] Robespierre)561238% 3-5136Σ
us master 1 480zerg All Faction Weapons [Rival] Arkthelegend560756% 61-47953Σ
us master 1 488terran Baneling [Rival] Kozan (IIIIIIIIIIII)559755% 126-1022111Σ
us master 1 500protoss [Rival] Seigifried ([GGrUS] IIIIIIIIIIII)558463% 22-13609Σ
us master 1 541terran Templar TV [Rival] Arkthelegend ([Rival] Kaboosyboosh)55440% 0-20Σ
us master 1 550terran Cade [Rival] FoxeR (DepressioN)553750% 3-3122Σ
us master 1 603zerg Templar TV [Rival] Arkthelegend ([Rival] Kaboosyboosh)549453% 19-17466Σ
us master 1 631zerg Marine Lvl. 3 [Rival] CalebAracous ([GRlEF] CptButtBeard)547162% 10-6370Σ
us master 1 634terran Ghost Lvl. 21 [Rival] FoxeR (Kamker)546650% 1-144Σ
us master 1 640protoss Crusader of Blades [Rival] Pure545982% 32-7458Σ
us master 1 666zerg Queen [Rival] Peppy (Extraplanar)54300% 0-10Σ (AUS)
us master 1 672protoss Kachinsky [Rival] Hjax (IIIIIIIIIIII)542738% 6-10250Σ