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US Server Rank: 7

Official Twitter account of professional multi-gaming organization Rival Gaming™ with teams in: Starcraft 2, & Heroes of the Storm.





Level: Portrait:
us grandmaster 36terran Ultimate Boss Battles [Rival] Cuddlebear603167%51-251727Σ
us grandmaster 90terran Probe [Rival] Kozan570152%265-2451981
us grandmaster 149zerg Marine Lvl. 3 [Rival] CalebAracous ([TrG] CptButtBeard)551157%46-351045Σ
us grandmaster 153zerg Ascended Kerrigan [Rival] Nistic ([Rival] CharmQuark)550654%84-731871Σ
us grandmaster 158terran SCret Admirer [Rival] RunaMoK550154%206-1751671Σ
us grandmaster 168terran Jim Raynor Suit [Rival] WildGame548255%74-611263
us master 1272terran Jim Raynor Suit [Rival] Cuddlebear (IlIlIlIlIlIl)601967%14-7410Σ
us master 1354zerg shatsy ([Rival] GulligKanin)575370%48-211042Σ
us master 1384protoss [Rival] Hjax570670%14-6612Σ
us master 1469protoss SCret Admirer [Rival] Hjax ([Cuddl3] Robespierre)558159%13-9552Σ
us master 1510terran Ghost Lvl. 21 [Rival] RunaMoK (Archenemy)553062%10-6374Σ
us master 1518protoss Kachinsky [Rival] Hjax (IIIIIIIIIIII)552359%23-16431Σ
us master 1561terran 15Yr Terran [Rival] BuBBa547974%23-8720
us master 1570protoss Kachinsky [Rival] Pure (Resonance)547433%1-240Σ
us master 1658protoss Protoss Symbol Lvl. 50 TheBishop ([Rival] Bane)539760%9-6350 by Chabby
us master 1713terran Thor [Rival] Haste535852%341-3121802
us master 1726zerg SCret Admirer [Rival] CalebAracous ([Rival] yngCalebb)534748%32-35752Σ
us master 1733protoss Thatcher Maplez534553%88-771788Σ
us master 1764terran 15Yr Terran [Rival] Ninkazi533052%63-571495
us master 1772zerg Stetmann [Rival] Ryuga532650%1-148
us master 1773terran Griffin [Rival] DisReSpeCT532551%81-771688Σ
us master 1774zerg Thor [Rival] Peppy532597%32-1547Σ
us master 1872protoss Community Commander [Rival] Seigifried527250%249-2451668Σ
us master 1873zerg Orlan [Rival] ViruS527163%105-621723
us master 1886protoss Crusader Zealot [Rival] Pure ([Rival] Aura)526562%39-24887Σ
us master 1984zerg Abathur [Rival] OldManSlum522452%125-1141454
us master 11001protoss Archon [Rival] Lightning521651%35-33774
us master 11006zerg Carbot Zergling [Rival] engulf521550%2-268
us master 11010protoss Tassadar [Rival] Eradin521454%237-2041679
us master 11032protoss Cade [Rival] mykohchoo520452%54-49647
us master 11073terran Stetmann [Rival] Ryuga5193100%1-00
us master 11075zerg Banshee Queen [Rival] EON519253%121-1081310
us master 31155random Griffin [Rival] DisReSpeCT5157100%1-00Σ
us master 21168zerg Lurker Lvl. 45 [Rival] DIRESTRAIT51510%0-10
us master 31350random Mira Han [Rival] Sohrab508050%2-297
us master 21428zerg Jim Raynor Suit [Rival] WildGame504455%52-431090
us master 21630terran Purifier Zealot [Rival] Nitro498550%2-287
us master 21643protoss Jim Raynor Suit [Rival] WildGame498257%72-541160
us master 31748zerg 15Yr Terran [Rival] Ninkazi49500%0-50
us master 21760terran 15Yr Terran [Rival] Truth494845%17-21288
us master 31826terran Tempest Lvl. 21 [Rival] Manipulation493171%5-238Σ
us master 31845zerg Queen of Blades [Rival] Lingboy49270%0-20
us master 21886terran 2016 Proleague [Rival] Ryu491550%62-621104
us master 31900protoss Medic [Rival] Peppy491161%11-796Σ
us master 31932zerg Ultimate Boss Battles [Rival] Cuddlebear49050%0-10Σ
us master 32204protoss Fenix [Rival] dipwood48480%0-10
us master 32236terran Defenders of Man [Rival] Manipulation (Scumbag)484250%1-10Σ
us master 32305zerg Tempest Lvl. 21 [Rival] Manipulation4828100%1-00Σ
us master 32413terran [Rival] Hjax480960%27-18504Σ
us master 32453terran Medic [Rival] Peppy480167%4-212Σ
us master 32460terran Marine Lvl. 3 [Rival] CalebAracous ([TrG] CptButtBeard)479933%2-412Σ
us master 32467zerg Queen of Blades [Rival] Akuji479867%4-2132
us master 32652zerg 15Yr Terran [Rival] Truth477444%8-1068
us master 32760terran Wraith [Rival] Bonachon476445%25-31292
us master 33043terran Tyrael Marine [Rival] Silent46820%0-60
us master 33044protoss Lasarra [Rival] Koshkii468151%54-51517Σ
us master 33112terran Carbot Marine [Rival] Natsu464118%2-916
us master 33115terran [Rival] Ghost463947%82-93517
us master 33204terran Ghost [Rival] Tura451535%15-2852
us master 33221terran Zergling Lvl. 3 [Rival] SpaceJam448746%72-84760
us diamond 13262protoss SCret Admirer [Rival] CalebAracous ([Rival] yngCalebb)5000100%1-00Σ
us diamond 13371random 15Yr Terran [Rival] Truth4731100%1-00
us diamond 13418protoss Marine Lvl. 3 [Rival] CalebAracous ([TrG] CptButtBeard)47140%0-20Σ
us diamond 13425terran Archon [Rival] Lightning47120%0-10
us diamond 13518protoss Tyrael Marine [Rival] Silent467820%1-448
us diamond 13524terran Covert Operative [Rival] Tausken467625%1-348
us diamond 13608zerg Griffin [Rival] DisReSpeCT465559%17-12754Σ
us diamond 13612terran [Rival] MLT4655100%1-00
us diamond 13762zerg Probe [Rival] Kozan462467%2-148
us diamond 13776protoss 15Yr Terran [Rival] Truth462240%2-348
us diamond 13806protoss Professor Zeratul [Rival] DeFCoNSiX461729%2-548
us diamond 13817zerg Swarm Host Lvl. 14 [Rival] Shmicks46150%0-20
us diamond 14000protoss Griffin [Rival] DisReSpeCT458245%9-11370Σ
us diamond 14375zerg [Rival] Hjax452950%7-7296Σ
us diamond 14637protoss Purifier Zealot [Rival] Nitro44960%0-10
us diamond 14724random Orlan [Rival] ViruS448565%13-7438
us diamond 35522zerg [Rival] MLT440750%1-130
us diamond 15641zerg Cade [Rival] mykohchoo439647%9-10326
us diamond 25697terran Community Commander [Rival] Seigifried4391100%3-058Σ
us diamond 25911zerg 2016 Proleague [Rival] ShmubDub436754%44-38939
us diamond 15968protoss Probe [Rival] Kozan436145%40-491153
us diamond 16164zerg Community Commander [Rival] Seigifried434244%29-37489Σ
us diamond 26895zerg Carbot Zergling [Rival] Revelations427648%22-24626
us diamond 27043zerg Lasarra [Rival] Koshkii426746%6-7150Σ
us diamond 27084terran Cade [Rival] mykohchoo426455%17-14458
us diamond 27319protoss Orlan [Rival] ViruS424850%9-9240
us diamond 17901terran 2016 Proleague [Rival] ricemonkey420650%102-101923
us diamond 28091terran [Rival] Kaboosh419448%19-21466
us diamond 28276random [Rival] Kaboosh418262%15-9236
us diamond 28998zerg [Rival] Rookwood414048%28-30304
us diamond 210184zerg Thor [Rival] Haste407271%5-288
us diamond 210617terran Orlan [Rival] ViruS404929%5-12148
us diamond 310643zerg Fenix [Rival] dipwood404841%24-34513
us diamond 210817protoss [Rival] Kaboosh403944%34-44680
us diamond 210923zerg Carbot Zergling [Rival] MDKnights403444%7-9147
us diamond 311277protoss 4th Anniversary Zerg [Rival] AridRepublic4017100%1-00
us diamond 311543terran Carbot Zergling [Rival] Revelations400550%1-130
us diamond 314550zerg Thatcher Maplez387750%1-10Σ
us diamond 315135terran Thatcher Maplez38550%0-20Σ
us diamond 316398protoss 2016 Proleague [Rival] ShmubDub381456%14-11390