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US Server Rank: 1

Official Twitter account of professional multi-gaming organization Rival Gaming™ with teams in: Starcraft 2, & Heroes of the Storm.





Level: Portrait:
us grandmaster  21terran Ultimate Boss Battles [Rival] Cuddlebear593846%24-28682Σ
us grandmaster  53terran Sentry [Rival] Kozan566451%45-43489
us grandmaster  62zerg [Rival] Peppy558167%30-15590Σ
us grandmaster  65zerg All Faction Weapons [Rival] Arkthelegend554857%30-23649
us grandmaster  78terran SCret Admirer [Rival] RunaMoK550263%42-25358Σ
us grandmaster  111terran 15Yr Terran [Rival] Ninkazi534658%36-26232
us grandmaster  120protoss Oracle Lvl. 14 Maplez531154%77-65328Σ
us grandmaster  141protoss Community Commander [Rival] Seigifried526256%55-44363Σ
us grandmaster  157terran Infested Marine [Rival] Truth522962%28-17325
us grandmaster  185terran Kachinsky [Rival] Ryu514251%26-25288
us grandmaster  196terran [Rival] DisReSpeCT511757%25-19338Σ
us grandmaster  198protoss Tassadar [Rival] Eradin507351%58-55343
us master 1 283protoss [Rival] Hjax572533%1-20Σ
us master 1 362terran Kachinsky [Rival] Cuddlebear (IMcuddlebear)551283%10-2289Σ
us master 1 379zerg SCret Admirer [Rival] CalebAracous ([Rival] yngCalebb)547540%4-6154Σ
us master 1 381terran Kachinsky [Rival] Kozan (IIIIIIIII)54720%0-10
us master 1 390protoss Crusader of Blades [Rival] Pure545982%32-7458Σ
us master 1 401zerg Queen [Rival] Peppy5443100%1-00Σ
us master 1 518protoss Crusader Zealot [Rival] Pure ([Rival] Aura)522680%4-1100Σ
us master 1 533zerg Kachinsky [Rival] ViruS52050%0-20
us master 2 547terran Defenders of Man FoxeR519773%8-3193Σ
us master 2 596protoss Archon [Rival] Lightning514343%3-498
us master 2 623zerg Banshee Queen [Rival] EON511855%18-15294
us master 2 722protoss Cade [Rival] mykohchoo503046%25-29211
us master 1 790zerg LongDicStyle ([Rival] Vipor)499853%50-44409 by Livemau
us master 2 800protoss [Rival] Peppy499362%5-374Σ
us master 2 882terran Purifier Zealot [Rival] Nitro494850%5-552
us master 2 906terran Kachinsky [Rival] BuBBa (FeaR)493269%18-8182
us master 3 1307zerg Queen of Blades [Rival] Akuji47720%0-10
us master 3 1438terran [Rival] Hjax470533%12-2443Σ
us master 3 1445terran Wraith [Rival] Bonachon470144%25-3213
us diamond 1 1520protoss Defenders of Man FoxeR494143%3-4144Σ
us diamond 1 1679terran Covert Operative [Rival] Tausken469050%6-6201
us diamond 1 1704terran Zergling Lvl. 3 [Rival] SpaceJam467951%22-21520
us diamond 1 1767terran [Rival] LOTBoys465367%6-3262
us diamond 1 1785terran Ghost [Rival] Tura464743%3-488
us diamond 1 1897protoss Lasarra [Rival] Koshkii461429%4-10169Σ
us diamond 1 2039protoss Community Commander [Rival] Seigifried4573100%7-0223Σ
us diamond 1 2126terran Kachinsky [Rival] ViruS455044%12-15343
us diamond 1 2162terran Banshee Lvl. 17 [Rival] AEON454250%9-9292
us diamond 1 2181protoss Sentry [Rival] Kozan453546%13-15363
us diamond 1 2284zerg Carbot Zergling [Rival] Revelations450855%6-5250
us diamond 1 2365terran Reaper (Overwatch) [Rival] ExileR449150%2-246
us diamond 1 2588zerg [Rival] DisReSpeCT44470%0-30Σ
us diamond 1 2665zerg Cade [Rival] mykohchoo443359%16-11152
us diamond 3 3122zerg Purifier Zealot [Rival] Nitro434633%1-297
us diamond 2 3200zerg 2016 Proleague [Rival] ShmubDub433352%14-13209
us diamond 2 3224terran Cade [Rival] mykohchoo432960%3-294
us diamond 2 3775terran [Rival] Kaboosh422944%37-47210
us diamond 3 5288protoss 4th Anniversary Zerg [Rival] AridRepublic40310%0-10
us diamond 3 6364zerg Oracle Lvl. 14 Maplez3914100%1-00Σ
us platinum 1 8195zerg Kachinsky [Rival] BuBBa (FeaR)440486%6-148
us platinum 1 9911protoss Probe [Rival] BubbleButt368760%3-274
us platinum 1 10380protoss 2016 Proleague [Rival] ShmubDub36520%0-20