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US Server Rank: 10

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Level: Portrait:
us grandmaster19protossTracer [ROOT] puCK622166%142-743378Σ
us grandmaster66zergNarud (Xel'Naga) [ROOT] ViBE581460%205-1342952Σ
us grandmaster116protossDark Voice [ROOT] Caliber (aka [420] SlayerSBoneR)562056%65-521538Σ
us grandmaster130zergReaper (Overwatch) [ROOT] CatZ558958%240-1743152Σ CatZ HearthStone Legend tries his hand at StarCraft
us grandmaster162zerg [ROOT] DemiLove (aka Ryuzaki)553663%92-532298Σ
us grandmaster173zergDark Voice [ROOT] Caliber (aka [420] SlayerSBoneR)551152%70-651646Σ
us grandmaster199zergVoid Thrasher [ROOT] Neuro536551%427-4042636Σ Neuro
us master207terranKachinsky [ROOT] Semper658377%188-561830Σ
us master219zerg [ROOT] Cham (aka [ROOT] Chammy)650174%292-1031981Σ
us master230terranKachinsky [ROOT] iaguz630650%2-248Σ
us master232zergPan-Terran Marine [ROOT] PandaBearMe627459%152-1061950Σ
us master236zergKachinsky [ROOT] Sasquatch (aka llllllllllll)624969%11-5474Σ
us master245protossKachinsky [ROOT] herO (aka [herO1] llllllllllll)621797%37-1442Σ
us master274zergQueen of Blades [ROOT] Petraeus605459%17-12712Σ
us master285protossStar Party [ROOT] Probe (aka MSLSOON)602290%9-1380Σ
us master317protossKachinsky [ROOT] RotterdaM (aka IIIIIIIIIIII)593557%193-145879Σ rottiP WCS Caster
us master327protossDiablo Marine [ROOT] RotterdaM590056%127-100548Σ rottiP WCS Caster
us master353zerg [ROOT] DemiLove583570%23-10906Σ
us master363randomSCret Admirer [ROOT] Probe581271%5-2118Σ
us master382protoss [ROOT] Cham (aka [ROOT] Chammy)57740%0-10Σ
us master385protossSCret Admirer [ROOT] Probe576467%2-186Σ
us master397zergUltralisk [ROOT] ViBE (aka [VFam] Lolebiv)573965%122-651703Σ
us master430terranDark Voice [ROOT] Caliber (aka [420] SlayerSBoneR)56750%0-10Σ
us master432randomDark Voice [ROOT] Caliber (aka [420] SlayerSBoneR)567322%2-792Σ
us master490terran [ROOT] Cham (aka [ROOT] Chammy)558050%16-16616Σ
us master702protossKachinsky [ROOT] Semper541053%25-22832Σ
us master811zergStar Party [ROOT] Probe (aka MSLSOON)534953%54-481205Σ
us master817zergSCret Admirer [ROOT] Probe5347100%2-048Σ
us master883terranStar Party [ROOT] Probe (aka MSLSOON)531657%75-571508Σ
us master1014randomStar Party [ROOT] Probe (aka MSLSOON)525977%10-3194Σ
us master1091randomNarud (Xel'Naga) [ROOT] ViBE523053%57-511310Σ
us master2209randomUltralisk [ROOT] ViBE (aka [VFam] Lolebiv)490752%13-1290Σ
us diamond3616terranNarud (Xel'Naga) [ROOT] ViBE52130%0-20Σ
us diamond3761protossReaper (Overwatch) [ROOT] CatZ479567%6-3234Σ CatZ HearthStone Legend tries his hand at StarCraft
us diamond4248protossUltralisk [ROOT] ViBE (aka [VFam] Lolebiv)4655100%2-046Σ
us diamond4873terranReaper (Overwatch) [ROOT] CatZ456850%5-5178Σ CatZ HearthStone Legend tries his hand at StarCraft
us diamond4895terranUltralisk [ROOT] ViBE (aka [VFam] Lolebiv)45660%0-10Σ
us diamond10664protossVoid Thrasher [ROOT] Neuro414652%28-26665Σ Neuro
us diamond13180zergThatcher [ROOT] ViBE (aka IdrAge)402949%268-2791344Σ