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US Server Rank: 2

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us grandmaster  12zerg Queen of Blades [SIoth] Bioice613463% 269-1573301Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  24protoss Kachinsky [SIoth] Raze (llllllllllll)597163% 86-512716Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  25zerg [SIoth] GAMETIME596663% 207-1193266Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  30zerg [SIoth] GAMETIME ([SIoth] GAMETlME)591373% 11-4470Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  35protoss Swarm Beta Tempest [SIoth] Raze587657% 477-3633366Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  38protoss Snake Elite Marine [SIoth] TheoRy583158% 466-3313285Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  41protoss Cade [SIoth] Tesla580656% 241-1863300Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  44terran Terran Lvl. 50 [SIoth] Dolan580064% 30-17739Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  93zerg Kachinsky [SIoth] McMonroe ([SQUlDS] MyDudes)556840% 22-33677Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us grandmaster  116terran Kelazhur [SIoth] xKawaiian550864% 16-9473Σsc2replaystatstwitchxkawaiBOOTY
us master 1 240protoss Executor [SIoth] Astrea61360% 0-10Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 243terran Kachinsky [SIoth] Raze (llllllllllll)612776% 25-8471Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 255terran [SIoth] Drunkenboi607417% 1-548Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 257zerg Hydralisk Marine [SIoth] McMonroe ([SKFC] starhealer)606983% 19-4840Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 262zerg [SIoth] McMonroe605373% 78-291144Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 266terran Kachinsky [SIoth] Raze (Radiant)603850% 2-294Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 267protoss Kachinsky [SIoth] Raze (Radiant)603453% 8-7288Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 271zerg BaseTradeTV [SIoth] McMonroe ([xSloth] McMonMEMEroe)602367% 4-2156Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 293zerg Kachinsky [SIoth] Bioice (Zulrah)596362% 57-351759Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 297zerg BaseTradeTV [SIoth] McMonroe ([vDarKv] PraiseTalos)594673% 27-10577Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 300zerg Stalker Lvl. 5 [SIoth] McMonroe ([GemiFC] Gemini)592783% 25-5281Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 311terran Swarm Beta Tempest [SIoth] Raze589656% 35-27733Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 336zerg Ornatus [SIoth] Suppy582953% 36-321189Σsc2replaystatstwitchDAESuppy
us master 1 356terran Kachinsky [SIoth] Pokebunny (llllllllllll)579271% 24-10624Σsc2replaystatstwitchregretWUT
us master 1 362zerg soO [SIoth] Farmcakes ([SHlTTY] FutureOfZerg)577956% 15-12644Σsc2replaystatstwitch