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US Server Rank: 3

Official Twitter account of professional multi-gaming organization Rival Gaming™ with teams in: Starcraft 2, & Heroes of the Storm.





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us grandmaster  24protoss Kachinsky [Rival] Haste (IIIIIIIIIII)602263% 99-582972Σ
us grandmaster  80zerg Ascended Kerrigan [Rival] Nistic ([Rival] CharmQuark)566853% 146-1292905Σ
eu grandmaster  87protoss [Rival] Haste (IIIIIIIIII)598566% 57-301394Σ
us grandmaster  104zerg SCret Admirer [Rival] CalebAracous556857% 276-2063094Σ
us grandmaster  118terran Raynor Marine [Rival] FoxeR552160% 35-23966Σ
us grandmaster  127terran Ghost Lvl. 21 [Rival] Arkthelegend ([Rival] Kaboosyboosh)549550% 66-651855Σ
us grandmaster  137terran [Rival] WildGame545456% 144-1142625Σ
us grandmaster  149protoss Thatcher [Rival] Peppy544358% 327-2342758Σ (AUS)
us master 1 381terran Kachinsky [Rival] Haste (IIIIIIIIIII)580662% 15-9504Σ
us master 1 397terran 4th Anniversary Protoss [Rival] Cuddlebear578452% 11-10482Σ
us master 1 420terran Kachinsky [Rival] Cuddlebear (IMcuddlebear)575268% 30-14728Σ
us master 1 461protoss [Rival] Hjax569556% 45-351083Σ
eu master 1 468terran Kachinsky [Rival] Cuddlebear (lIIIlIlIlIlI)574656% 9-7390Σ
us master 1 471terran Kachinsky [Rival] FoxeR (salHeh)56770% 0-20Σ
us master 1 495terran Sentry [Rival] Kozan564051% 138-1311399Σ
us master 1 522protoss [Rival] Seigifried (IIIIIIIIIIII)561563% 24-14609Σ
us master 1 533zerg All Faction Weapons [Rival] Arkthelegend560756% 61-47953Σ
us master 1 543protoss SCret Admirer [Rival] Hjax ([SCA] Virium)560136% 4-7184Σ
us master 1 583zerg Thatcher [Rival] Peppy556764% 94-531694Σ (AUS)
us master 1 591terran Baneling [Rival] Kozan (IIIIIIIIIIII)555655% 126-1041460Σ
us master 1 620terran Cade [Rival] FoxeR (DepressioN)553750% 3-3122Σ
eu master 1 662terran Tracer [Rival] Kozan (NegAtivE)555568% 13-6380Σ
us master 1 684zerg Stetmann [Rival] Ryuga548960% 25-17601
us master 1 684zerg Stetmann [Rival] Ryuga548960% 25-17601
eu master 1 689terran [Rival] WildGame553471% 46-191197Σ