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us grandmaster  5terran [ROOT] Semper661975% 155-532316Σ
us grandmaster  14protoss [ROOT] puCK633669% 228-1032195Σ
us grandmaster  23zerg Kachinsky [ROOT] Jig616364% 68-381684Σ
us grandmaster  28terran Ghost Lvl. 21 [ROOT] Semper ([RepMeS] IlIlIlIlIlIl)606054% 20-17557Σ (borrowed from [Rival] Cuddlebear)
us grandmaster  104protoss [ROOT] Semper558058% 25-18779Σ
us grandmaster  130zerg Narud (Xel'Naga) [ROOT] ViBE551252% 76-701358Σ
us grandmaster  154zerg Broodlord [ROOT] Neuro546652% 110-1001526Σ Neuro
us master 1 216terran [ROOT] Kelazhur6285100% 5-0192Σ
us master 1 253zerg Kachinsky [ROOT] Sasquatch (llllllllllll)600939% 7-11330Σ
us master 1 409zerg Reaper (Overwatch) [ROOT] CatZ55840% 0-30Σ CatZ
us master 1 422zerg Ultralisk [ROOT] Neuro (kuukyo)556553% 31-27647Σ Neuro
us master 1 444protoss Kachinsky [ROOT] RotterdaM (SvetlanaBae)552925% 3-975Σ rottiP WCS Caster Rotti : Test map and or ladder!
us master 1 508random Narud (Xel'Naga) [ROOT] ViBE544262% 5-3230Σ
us master 3 1009terran Kachinsky [ROOT] Jig51230% 0-20Σ
us master 1 1110zerg [ROOT] puCK507547% 17-19559Σ
us master 2 1329zerg Queen of Blades [ROOT] Spyte499450% 8-8128Σ
us master 3 1527zerg Kachinsky [ROOT] ViBE492950% 7-7221Σ
us master 3 1905zerg Carbot Zergling [ROOT] ZergGirl ([OhFU] OhFckYou)482053% 8-766Σ
us master 3 2179protoss Reaper (Overwatch) [ROOT] CatZ47750%0-10Σ CatZ
us diamond 1 2715terran 5th Anniversary [ROOT] SuperNova489087% 13-2205
us diamond 3 3124protoss Kachinsky [ROOT] ViBE463850%1-10Σ
us diamond 1 3213terran Kachinsky [ROOT] ViBE461850%1-188Σ
us diamond 3 3349zerg [ROOT] Kelazhur4592100%3-030Σ
us diamond 1 4330protoss Broodlord [ROOT] Neuro445138%5-8184Σ Neuro
us diamond 2 5490random Kachinsky [ROOT] ViBE43190%0-10Σ