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KR Server Rank: 9

Team OSC Elite is a new competitive division of @OSCesports. We love eSports, and play to win! Currently supporting players in SC2.





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kr grandmaster  60zerg Thatcher [OSCE] Has589458% 89-642595Σ
kr grandmaster  78zerg [OSCE] DemiLove (Juggernaut)578857% 52-401612Σ
kr grandmaster  101terran Zealot Chef [OSCE] Azure560461% 54-341490Σ
us grandmaster  2terran [OSCE] souL659673% 132-483675Σ
us grandmaster  7zerg [OSCE] Cham ([OSCE] Chammy)640275% 405-1363628Σ
eu grandmaster  9terran SCret Admirer [OSCE] souL681064% 314-1773982Σ
eu grandmaster  28zerg [OSCE] Cham648462% 245-1523509Σ
kr master 1 277protoss Thatcher [OSCE] Has ([토야] 望月冬夜)631069% 25-11997Σ
kr master 1 295zerg [OSCE] Cham (IIIIIIIIIIll)624558% 52-371401Σ
kr master 1 296protoss Thatcher [OSCE] Has624351% 46-441201Σ
us master 1 204terran Soldier: 76 [OSCE] MaSa675180% 105-261018Σ
eu master 1 208terran Kachinsky [OSCE] souL (llllllllllll)697172% 96-382627Σ
eu master 1 216terran Kachinsky [OSCE] MaSa ([HYDRA5] llllllllllll)682370% 21-9998Σ
eu master 1 226terran Defenders of Man [OSCE] souL (Benaan)668761% 14-9670Σ
eu master 1 228zerg Amon [OSCE] souL ([PhKn] Grankin)668687% 39-61810Σ
us master 1 229protoss Thatcher [OSCE] Has635467% 2-148Σ
eu master 1 258terran Amon [OSCE] souL ([PhKn] Grankin)630253% 89-80731Σ
kr master 1 359protoss Thatcher [OSCE] Has ([이세계] 모치즈키토야)599938% 5-8238Σ
kr master 1 373zerg Kachinsky [OSCE] DemiLove (llllllllllll)592260% 41-271545Σ
us master 1 296zerg Thatcher [OSCE] DemiLove600159% 178-1242387Σ
eu master 1 297zerg Kachinsky [OSCE] DemiLove609955% 11-9474Σ
eu master 1 301zerg SCret Admirer [OSCE] souL60860% 0-40Σ
us master 1 302zerg Thatcher [OSCE] Has599247% 9-10424Σ
kr master 1 402zerg Thatcher [OSCE] DemiLove583855% 105-852412Σ
eu master 1 311zerg [OSCE] DemiLove ([ORACL3] Wendy)605557% 70-521750Σ (shared with [PSISTM] PiLiPiLi)