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Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef
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us grandmaster  194zerg Zealot Chef [P3NIS] Vies533950% 71-711707
us master 1 313terran Zealot Chef [OSCE] Azure589767% 18-9726Σ
kr master 1 604terran Zealot Chef qwe538450% 4-4118
us master 1 918terran Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)527061% 40-261037Σ
eu master 2 1710protoss Zealot Chef qLineX501950% 22-22470
us master 2 1741protoss Zealot Chef kushwiener ([D9CBD] dabs)499760% 3-2105
eu master 2 1790protoss Zealot Chef hahahaha499953% 110-97998
us master 2 1870protoss Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)496742% 8-11178Σ
us master 3 2988terran Zealot Chef [GnR] Zergring476959%22-15498
us diamond 1 3800protoss Zealot Chef switch471647%17-19663
us diamond 1 3925protoss Zealot Chef [SttE] shady467669%9-4396
eu diamond 1 3987zerg Zealot Chef hahahaha463452%49-45943
eu diamond 1 4261protoss Zealot Chef [FreeN] cMlauRin45920%0-10
eu diamond 1 4309zerg Zealot Chef [SME] OGPimP458659%39-27698
eu diamond 1 4866zerg Zealot Chef [ICL] frugs451150%10-10304
eu diamond 1 5054protoss Zealot Chef [ggBDC] ThePatriot449047%9-10196
eu diamond 1 5297protoss Zealot Chef attemp446054%52-441475
us diamond 1 5346terran Zealot Chef [PsiX] Jonas447849%45-471451
eu diamond 3 5587terran Zealot Chef [FreeN] cMlauRin44300%0-20
eu diamond 2 6607protoss Zealot Chef MuadDib434152%146-1361191
eu diamond 1 6781protoss Zealot Chef [SME] OGPimP432733%5-10138
eu diamond 2 6834protoss Zealot Chef [Нasu] ЯсныйСокол43240%0-10
us diamond 1 7286terran Zealot Chef callmechamp430445%48-581063
kr diamond 3 7432terran Zealot Chef oryking404840%4-640
us diamond 2 7548protoss Zealot Chef BDK428457%33-25739