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Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef
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kr master 1 210terran Zealot Chef [OSCE] Azure550367% 6-3177Σ
us master 1 253random Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)543257% 12-9295Σ
us master 3 1000zerg Zealot Chef [IamPro] Ratimus483585% 11-2143
eu master 3 1357zerg Zealot Chef [FreeN] cMlauRin478833%1-26
us master 3 1381random Zealot Chef [IamPro] Ratimus470340%12-189
us diamond 1 1538random Zealot Chef [TCook] IMBurnin470059%13-9342
us diamond 2 2070protoss Zealot Chef [IamPro] Ratimus451550%2-236
us diamond 1 2189protoss Zealot Chef GUNDAMWING448567%4-2104
us diamond 2 3010protoss Zealot Chef MojoJJ430767%4-2119
eu diamond 2 3751protoss Zealot Chef MuadDib422446%6-781
us diamond 2 3876zerg Zealot Chef [oNEAL] Later415858%7-585
eu diamond 2 4243protoss Zealot Chef [ZERGТV] Fier415071%5-273
eu diamond 2 4535zerg Zealot Chef [Medoed] GeneralGG411855%24-20135
us diamond 3 5007zerg Zealot Chef [DhZPro] Cupcake40200%0-10
us diamond 3 5167protoss Zealot Chef [Fir3s] Starklok4002100%1-00
eu diamond 2 5547protoss Zealot Chef [LawB] maitiky400040%2-329
us diamond 3 5750terran Zealot Chef NooberishNub393957%4-3108
eu diamond 2 6114zerg Zealot Chef detkoldenord394322%2-730
us diamond 3 6448random Zealot Chef Edmiester387350%1-10
us diamond 3 6786protoss Zealot Chef [GnR] Onions384143%12-1686
eu diamond 3 6868protoss Zealot Chef [Kemi] Siska386833%1-230
eu diamond 3 7029random Zealot Chef [Medoed] Flashantik385592%12-1205
us diamond 3 7034zerg Zealot Chef [SCVODS] DaveLam382173%11-4151
eu diamond 3 7506terran Zealot Chef DopePope381462%5-3126
eu diamond 3 7907terran Zealot Chef Kwazi37850%0-10