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Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef
kr master425terran Zealot Chef qwe541850%2-278
eu master435protoss Zealot Chef DiaBoLuS556555%111-911083
us master484zerg Zealot Chef [P3NIS] Vies544456%44-34312
us master584random Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)536053%25-22338Σ
eu master660zerg Zealot Chef [TUPL] Destro5356100%1-00
us master718terran Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)526360%3-282Σ
us master1326protoss Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)498033%1-20Σ
us master1770zerg Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)483760%3-214Σ
us diamond2988terran Zealot Chef [PsiX] Jonas461744%15-19638
us diamond3129protoss Zealot Chef [QTp2T] AntiXero458854%15-13590
eu diamond3310terran Zealot Chef Geralt456667%2-144
us diamond3328terran Zealot Chef HueyFreeman455054%7-6266
us diamond3777terran Zealot Chef [BOOT] MeemoSaan447969%11-5223
eu diamond3920zerg Zealot Chef hahahaha4450100%1-00
us diamond4004terran Zealot Chef [GnR] Zergring445084%26-5271
eu diamond4033zerg Zealot Chef [ICL] frugs443457%4-3136
eu diamond4090terran Zealot Chef Jafaroff442644%14-18537
eu diamond4149protoss Zealot Chef [WBO] MrTurtle441756%15-12447
kr diamond4642terran Zealot Chef oryking4130100%2-030
eu diamond4597protoss Zealot Chef CoKoJl4361100%1-00
eu diamond4684random Zealot Chef Geralt434850%7-7258
eu diamond4745terran Zealot Chef [l0C] Phantom434150%1-10
us diamond5384random Zealot Chef LTSBiGPeeT427754%22-19467
eu diamond5598zerg Zealot Chef [SJP] JimD424150%1-130
us diamond6137protoss Zealot Chef [INVS] Zach4202100%1-00
us diamond6550random Zealot Chef [BOOT] MeemoSaan416648%10-11197
eu diamond6964zerg Zealot Chef rudi412150%1-130
us diamond7215terran Zealot Chef SlammingSam411343%15-20192
us diamond7255terran Zealot Chef ZeRaTuL411038%3-552
eu diamond7313protoss Zealot Chef MuadDib409543%33-43459
kr diamond7528terran Zealot Chef Agentri385380%16-4193
eu diamond7534zerg Zealot Chef Akriman407948%13-14365
us diamond7818protoss Zealot Chef LSK4065100%1-00
us diamond8350zerg Zealot Chef [BOOT] MeemoSaan40250%0-10
us diamond8512terran Zealot Chef callmechamp401444%19-24330
us diamond8548zerg Zealot Chef [PRGATE] EvilElmo401270%16-7378
us diamond9074protoss Zealot Chef [0xC0DE] Castle397760%3-258
eu diamond9266terran Zealot Chef Aguric39600%0-20
us diamond9407terran Zealot Chef [Ec0s] Starklok395557%4-3114
us diamond9463random Zealot Chef [Ec0s] Starklok395233%1-20
eu diamond10120protoss Zealot Chef [Kemi] Siska390656%9-7202
eu diamond10669protoss Zealot Chef [ZERGТV] Fier387583%5-1114
eu diamond10954zerg Zealot Chef Zeratul386050%2-258
eu diamond11003zerg Zealot Chef detkoldenord385748%33-36405
eu diamond11579zerg Zealot Chef [YOLOx] Dizzle382840%10-15194
us diamond11579random Zealot Chef [Nubx] NooberishNub382950%3-30
us diamond11848random Zealot Chef [PRGATE] EvilElmo381856%37-29243
us diamond12093zerg Zealot Chef [owoo] FLAVALANCHE3809100%1-00
us diamond12117protoss Zealot Chef [7C] Steve380867%2-190
us diamond12215protoss Zealot Chef [BOOT] MeemoSaan3804100%2-093
us diamond12816terran Zealot Chef HPfRosTbiTe375620%1-494
kr platinum13106terran Zealot Chef RequieM349039%13-20366
eu diamond13084zerg Zealot Chef Butterfly37630%0-10
us diamond13285zerg Zealot Chef vEEtZaH364344%24-31377
kr gold14577protoss Zealot Chef Erickim ([맨소래담] llIllIIIlll)3669100%1-00
us platinum14536zerg Zealot Chef [Ec0s] Starklok376833%1-298
eu platinum14746protoss Zealot Chef pierOOg3942100%1-00
us platinum14795random Zealot Chef Sponge374450%2-292
eu platinum14830protoss Zealot Chef Skeptic389269%11-5266
kr gold14964zerg Zealot Chef Pisces349050%3-3118
eu platinum14886zerg Zealot Chef [Troude] Letroude3871100%1-00
kr gold15172zerg Zealot Chef Agentri34490%0-10
us platinum15664zerg Zealot Chef Cvaal369041%7-10192
us platinum15729zerg Zealot Chef BillNydus36870%0-20
us platinum16008protoss Zealot Chef Fishlegs36730%0-10
us platinum16032protoss Zealot Chef [Ec0s] Starklok367146%30-35572
kr gold16202protoss Zealot Chef Agentri334950%4-4100
eu platinum16176protoss Zealot Chef [FxckTD] GriekerSK367250%8-8188
us platinum16339zerg Zealot Chef [owoo] BOOTYQUAKE36550%0-10
us platinum16553protoss Zealot Chef WyteRyce364451%27-26510
eu platinum16692zerg Zealot Chef [FxckTD] GriekerSK364525%1-30
eu platinum16743random Zealot Chef MorphineK364253%41-36497
us platinum16857zerg Zealot Chef [iGx] MikeZane36290%0-10
us platinum17187protoss Zealot Chef stenfi361153%52-46539
us platinum17286random Zealot Chef Ineno360650%14-14440
us platinum17536random Zealot Chef [owoo] BOOTYQUAKE35960%0-20
us platinum18165protoss Zealot Chef [owoo] BOOTYQUAKE3566100%1-00
eu platinum18991random Zealot Chef Aeroren353657%39-30412
us platinum19010protoss Zealot Chef FunkyChicken352933%4-875
eu platinum19251zerg Zealot Chef [xPWPx] Muody35250%0-30
us platinum19287zerg Zealot Chef [Prelud] Staple351554%104-90457
eu platinum19597random Zealot Chef Prolaps350925%1-330
us platinum20240protoss Zealot Chef [NGMTI] Meagol346943%3-486
eu platinum20377protoss Zealot Chef Prolaps347480%4-1116
us platinum20625protoss Zealot Chef ArsBlack345246%6-7198
us platinum20630protoss Zealot Chef DaBynce345233%3-674
us platinum21617protoss Zealot Chef [HFI] brocklobster341139%9-14268
eu platinum21670terran Zealot Chef SnusBolaget341850%1-194
eu platinum21770terran Zealot Chef [Kemi] Siska341450%1-194
eu platinum21998terran Zealot Chef [DsRs2] Domen340550%10-10189
us platinum22003zerg Zealot Chef MightyWhitey339257%4-390
eu platinum22562zerg Zealot Chef [Hest] Misteln33810%0-20
eu platinum23265protoss Zealot Chef AceWind334847%9-10156
eu platinum23654terran Zealot Chef Psycho331350%2-230
eu platinum23870terran Zealot Chef Flashantik328138%6-10216
us gold24231random Zealot Chef speedyak35540%0-10
us gold24463zerg Zealot Chef MrOjiisan349150%6-6135
eu gold25063zerg Zealot Chef [Kemi] Siska3580100%1-00
us gold25338random Zealot Chef KachunK334267%6-3184
us gold25450zerg Zealot Chef Parsect333344%8-10215