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Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef
kr master 1 300terran Zealot Chef Azure541860%6-4192Σ
us master 1 253terran Zealot Chef Azure586067%2-148Σ
us master 2 825protoss Zealot Chef kushwiener ([D9CBD] dabs)499760%3-2105
eu master 2 860protoss Zealot Chef qLineX506633%1-218
eu master 3 1531protoss Zealot Chef hahahaha476148%12-13181
us diamond 1 1681terran Zealot Chef [GnR] Zergring472170%7-3255
us diamond 1 2044protoss Zealot Chef switch459035%8-15284
us diamond 1 2201terran Zealot Chef [PsiX] Jonas454956%5-4232
eu diamond 1 2523protoss Zealot Chef [ggBDC] ThePatriot449047%9-10196
eu diamond 1 2554zerg Zealot Chef hahahaha448267%2-142
eu diamond 3 2663zerg Zealot Chef [nXg] AZTEX4458100%1-00
eu diamond 1 2748protoss Zealot Chef [nXg] AZTEX444059%17-12153
us diamond 1 2826terran Zealot Chef callmechamp441835%7-13214
eu diamond 1 2867protoss Zealot Chef [WBO] MrTurtle441535%8-15220
kr diamond 3 3643terran Zealot Chef oryking404840%4-640
eu diamond 2 4058zerg Zealot Chef [Medoed] GeneralGG420775%9-3151
eu diamond 2 4617terran Zealot Chef hahahaha413550%1-10
us diamond 3 4700protoss Zealot Chef LSK4119100%2-030
eu diamond 2 5558random Zealot Chef [nXg] AZTEX402520%2-888
eu diamond 3 5686protoss Zealot Chef MuadDib401053%8-7149
eu diamond 3 5894zerg Zealot Chef detkoldenord398850%28-28201
us diamond 3 6060zerg Zealot Chef SgtFufu396375%3-141
eu diamond 3 6713random Zealot Chef Nightmare390970%7-3167
us diamond 3 6762zerg Zealot Chef KrodaK389261%25-16256
us diamond 3 6879protoss Zealot Chef [Ec0s] Starklok3883100%1-00
us diamond 3 6982protoss Zealot Chef WyteRyce3873100%5-0134
us diamond 3 7360protoss Zealot Chef [0xC0DE] Castle384450%2-230
us diamond 3 7368random Zealot Chef SgtFufu384355%6-5142
us diamond 3 8013random Zealot Chef speedyak378752%52-48218
us diamond 3 8030protoss Zealot Chef [7C] Steve378550%2-230
eu diamond 3 8670zerg Zealot Chef Flashantik375560%6-4112