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Cook at least one of each dish in all three rounds of one game of Aiur Chef
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us master 1 291terran Zealot Chef [OSCE] Azure585860% 12-8502Σ
us master 1 739zerg Zealot Chef [P3NIS] Vies526245% 35-42984
us master 1 900terran Zealot Chef [nG] MammouthQc ([nG] SacDeFromage)51810% 0-30Σ
eu master 2 1257protoss Zealot Chef hahahaha509254% 107-92999
eu master 2 1286protoss Zealot Chef qLineX507552% 22-20470
us master 2 1359protoss Zealot Chef kushwiener ([D9CBD] dabs)499760% 3-2105
us diamond 1 2925protoss Zealot Chef switch471647%17-19663
us diamond 1 2937protoss Zealot Chef [TenAPM] OnlyTenAPM4714100%1-00
eu diamond 1 3253zerg Zealot Chef hahahaha463452%49-45943
us diamond 1 3307terran Zealot Chef [GnR] Zergring461648%10-11391
eu diamond 1 3488protoss Zealot Chef [FreeN] cMlauRin45920%0-10
eu diamond 1 3522zerg Zealot Chef [SME] OGPimP458659%39-27698
eu diamond 1 4006zerg Zealot Chef [ICL] frugs451150%10-10304
eu diamond 1 4155protoss Zealot Chef [ggBDC] ThePatriot449047%9-10196
us diamond 1 4179terran Zealot Chef [PsiX] Jonas448348%16-17648
us diamond 1 4343terran Zealot Chef callmechamp446349%38-40833
eu diamond 3 4648terran Zealot Chef [FreeN] cMlauRin44300%0-20
eu diamond 1 5614protoss Zealot Chef [SME] OGPimP432733%5-10138
eu diamond 2 5659protoss Zealot Chef [Нasu] ЯсныйСокол43240%0-10
kr diamond 3 6007terran Zealot Chef oryking404840%4-640
eu diamond 2 6625protoss Zealot Chef MuadDib423152%96-90673
us diamond 2 6719protoss Zealot Chef BDK422455%27-22595
eu diamond 2 7455random Zealot Chef [Medoed] GeneralGG416791%48-5341
eu diamond 2 7656zerg Zealot Chef [Medoed] GeneralGG415359%10-7133
kr diamond 3 7900terran Zealot Chef [S0fT] Agentri388867%2-158