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Complete the Char Missions in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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kr grandmaster  143terran Zagara Bamanas (llllllllllll)547066% 65-341206
us grandmaster  86zerg Zagara [PsiX] FireZerg566960% 78-522197
eu grandmaster  89terran Zagara UltraCmgSoon598857% 63-482055
eu master 1 459terran Zagara [TSI] MythiC ([SeshUK] Cladorhiza)5740100% 1-00Σ
eu master 1 855zerg Zagara [TSI] MythiC ([SeshUK] Cladorhiza)542355% 121-992291Σ
eu master 1 1374terran Zagara [ORACL3] Gannicus519043% 16-21524
eu master 1 1443zerg Zagara Lazarus515951% 185-1792023
us master 2 1624zerg Zagara patnessdark50940% 0-20
kr master 3 1899zerg Zagara [Dopen] Rapha483250% 1-10
eu master 3 2775zerg Zagara [sc2swa] theglml481859% 10-758
eu master 3 2984zerg Zagara [ADDlCT] LeKiL478959%23-16549
kr diamond 1 3770zerg Zagara [홍수현한예슬] 씨샵445851%40-381047
eu diamond 1 4066terran Zagara [BotN] CptPolarBear470653%54-471826
eu diamond 1 4245zerg Zagara cWcǂBulleT46660%0-10
eu diamond 1 4339protoss Zagara obstbecher464473%11-4285
eu diamond 1 4343terran Zagara Lazarus464346%32-371312
us diamond 1 5600random Zagara Erio451569%18-8483
us diamond 1 5674zerg Zagara [Bee] WTCrossover450851%173-1631654
us diamond 1 5720zerg Zagara [ayoGG] Jerm450457%32-241010
eu diamond 1 5931zerg Zagara [AISC] Ludus444750%10-10337
us diamond 1 6448zerg Zagara Flow444451%37-351197
eu diamond 1 6502zerg Zagara [HTT] KOs440155%45-371302
us diamond 2 6756zerg Zagara [DoSK] hang441850%3-3112
eu diamond 2 6784zerg Zagara STR437933%1-20
kr diamond 2 6939zerg Zagara avoca413541%13-19374