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us master 1 948terran Worgen Marine [TAsc] MxGLasender514738% 8-13176
kr master 3 1326zerg Worgen Marine 영겁484542% 5-724
us master 2 1233zerg Worgen Marine TrenHard501333% 2-440
us diamond 1 4047zerg Worgen Marine WestSIX44680%0-10
eu diamond 2 6122terran Worgen Marine wazazew4246100%2-030
eu diamond 3 9703zerg Worgen Marine [SAGe] JanzarLeMort39850%0-20
eu diamond 3 12144zerg Worgen Marine Philozofer3848100%1-00
us platinum 2 22915zerg Worgen Marine RiLin347341%16-23335
eu platinum 3 24644zerg Worgen Marine [S2W] safjx336850%13-13314
eu gold 3 26999protoss Worgen Marine Shogo36410%0-10
us gold 1 27073terran Worgen Marine DrachenLord371033%1-293
eu gold 3 28454zerg Worgen Marine [FxPro] JerryNcoming33590%0-10
eu gold 3 29956terran Worgen Marine Roland325533%4-830
us gold 2 30604protoss Worgen Marine RiLin326267%2-160
us gold 2 31897terran Worgen Marine RiLin321050%1-130
us gold 1 31932terran Worgen Marine TheOmniGlow320854%59-51616
eu gold 1 33193zerg Worgen Marine [Qwz] amu309744%26-33484
eu gold 3 33855protoss Worgen Marine Heritias30640%0-10
us gold 3 33994protoss Worgen Marine InfRogue312540%4-6148
us gold 3 35337zerg Worgen Marine BaeL3072100%2-030
eu silver 1 36446terran Worgen Marine JonisSolis348640%2-30
us gold 3 36828zerg Worgen Marine [H4VOC] Okami298445%5-6178
eu silver 2 37366terran Worgen Marine tobitobsen334233%2-40
us silver 1 37644terran Worgen Marine HaekPokTann365260%3-20
eu silver 2 37983zerg Worgen Marine Shogo32690%0-10