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us master 1 1440terran Worgen Marine [TAsc] MxGLasender514738% 8-13176
us master 2 1901zerg Worgen Marine TrenHard501333% 2-440
kr master 3 2061zerg Worgen Marine [DED] 영겁476044%24-30152
eu diamond 1 4723protoss Worgen Marine Kova458551%18-17744
us diamond 1 6182zerg Worgen Marine WestSIX44680%0-10
eu diamond 1 6377zerg Worgen Marine [AISC] Fryberg441251%19-18668
eu diamond 2 7003protoss Worgen Marine [AISC] Fryberg436466%67-35625
eu diamond 2 8751terran Worgen Marine wazazew4246100%2-030
eu diamond 3 13379zerg Worgen Marine [SAGe] JanzarLeMort402950%3-386
kr diamond 3 13698terran Worgen Marine Xenir371350%11-11280
us diamond 3 15782zerg Worgen Marine DrachenLord396820%1-430
eu diamond 3 16817zerg Worgen Marine Creed3908100%1-00
eu diamond 3 18465zerg Worgen Marine Philozofer385654%7-6178
eu diamond 3 19608protoss Worgen Marine [F0R41N] golgoths382650%5-560
us diamond 3 21772terran Worgen Marine Broso381153%8-7118
us diamond 3 24969terran Worgen Marine [RoninE] Omegacomet364350%5-5122
us diamond 3 25267zerg Worgen Marine voxdei359050%13-13328
us platinum 1 26454protoss Worgen Marine [Gdot] Tayu378371%5-2125
us platinum 2 32586terran Worgen Marine jaypow359650%2-262
us platinum 2 32632terran Worgen Marine Nachdenklich35950%0-10
eu platinum 2 33166terran Worgen Marine Tobiaano35440%0-10
eu platinum 3 40535zerg Worgen Marine [S2W] safjx338250%20-20484
us platinum 3 41935terran Worgen Marine [cYbSC] TeamDrake340829%2-530
us platinum 2 44180zerg Worgen Marine SuperNinja334240%25-38621
eu platinum 3 44872protoss Worgen Marine MiKeL315236%5-986