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Complete the Ulnar Missions in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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us master 2 760terran Vision Temple Zerofear496553% 24-21116
kr diamond 1 955terran Vision Temple 林柏宏4652100%2-046
eu master 2 1019protoss Vision Temple [Spec] HaPe494355% 24-20122
kr diamond 1 1250terran Vision Temple 님힐할년449375%3-1114
eu master 2 1152protoss Vision Temple [MHACKS] BtoTheEWARE488050% 9-9134
us master 3 1160protoss Vision Temple [NPhase] MalGanis477660%3-28
eu master 2 1230terran Vision Temple Shins483643% 24-3259
eu master 3 1354terran Vision Temple [JAJJI] Cassiopeia478850%6-660
eu master 3 1428zerg Vision Temple [mYe] Nightmare47600%0-10
kr diamond 2 1572protoss Vision Temple [감휴] 김빙신4341100%1-00
kr diamond 2 1634terran Vision Temple WhiteNoise431844%8-1088
us diamond 1 1553terran Vision Temple SouLRebeL469157%8-6236
kr diamond 2 1786terran Vision Temple [ReV] Con425867%4-274
eu master 3 1825protoss Vision Temple [ǂß2Pǂ] Guillemot443729%10-243
us diamond 1 1970terran Vision Temple [ValidG] Rebel454349%28-29486
eu diamond 1 1978terran Vision Temple [mYe] Nightmare462080%4-1137
eu diamond 1 2114zerg Vision Temple [VuV] Jidduu456750%1-10
eu diamond 1 2166protoss Vision Temple [RBP3] FroZy455252%12-11307
eu diamond 1 2223zerg Vision Temple Gacrux4537100%5-0135
us diamond 1 2239zerg Vision Temple Obama447367%2-146
kr diamond 3 2345protoss Vision Temple Silvermoon408160%3-284
us diamond 1 2821zerg Vision Temple Bludger434650%7-7185
us diamond 2 2881terran Vision Temple matemate43320%0-20
kr diamond 3 3014protoss Vision Temple WanII391450%15-15115
kr diamond 3 3023zerg Vision Temple [TenPro] 대통령391350%2-230