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kr master 1 1protoss Thatcher [JinAir] sOs (lllllllllll)704796% 23-1568Σ
Online 11/16/2017 9 AM EST
kr master 1 2zerg Kachinsky [SKT1] Dark (llllllllllll)7014100% 1-00Σ Dark
kr master 1 3zerg Carbot Zergling [dPix] Impact692773% 36-13909Σ
kr master 1 4terran Kachinsky [JinAir] Maru (llllllllllll)692669% 24-11624Σ(shared with [JinAir] sOs)
kr master 1 5protoss [KT Rolster] Zest (llllllllllll)683865% 30-16775Σ SC2 Zest hello~ 대격변 래더연습 ㄱㄱ
kr master 1 6zerg Kachinsky [SKT1] Dark (llllllllllll)683077% 27-8692Σ Dark
kr master 1 7protoss Thatcher [JinAir] Trap (llllllllllll)683083% 25-5629Σ
kr master 1 8protoss Thatcher [Samsung Galaxy] Hurricane (lllllllllll)68150% 0-10Σ
kr master 1 9zerg [JinAir] Rogue (IIIIIlIIIIII)678369% 59-271218Σ
kr master 1 10zerg Kachinsky [Splyce] Solar (llllllllllll)678368% 42-201016Σ Solar SC2 Solar 강민수 MMR 6800 gogo
kr master 1 11protoss Kachinsky Duke (llllllllllll)678077% 46-141106Σ
kr master 1 12terran Kachinsky [JinAir] Cure (IlIlIlIIIIll)675466% 27-14684Σ
kr master 1 13protoss Carbot Zealot [ROOT] herO (llllllllllll)675350% 2-296Σ
kr master 1 14zerg [SKT1] soO673977% 61-181217Σ
kr master 1 15zerg Carbot Zergling [CJ Entus] RagnaroK (llllllllllll)673394% 15-1401Σ
kr master 1 16terran Kachinsky llllllllllll672371% 27-11698
kr master 1 17terran Carbot Zergling [SKT1] INnoVation (lIlIlIlIlIlI)671260% 15-10372Σ INnoVation
  Online 11/17/2017 5 AM EST
kr master 1 18terran Kachinsky [RYE麦田] Coffee (llllllllllll)6712100% 3-096Σshared with [Expert] ByuN
kr master 1 19zerg Kachinsky [PSISTM] True (llllllllllll)670878% 14-4380ΣtruekkSmile
kr master 1 20protoss Kachinsky [Splyce] Stats (llllllllllll)669871% 5-2188Σ statsFighting
kr master 1 21protoss Kachinsky llllllllllll667961% 28-18713
kr master 1 22terran Carbot Marine [SKT1] INnoVation667057% 21-16578Σ INnoVation
  Online 11/17/2017 5 AM EST
kr master 1 23terran [Freecs] KeeN665638% 3-5138Σ
kr master 1 24terran Thatcher [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)665558% 30-22774Σ
kr master 1 25terran Pan-Terran Marine [PHYsc] Ryung663850% 21-21526Σ