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Winning games of the Arcade • Rock the Cabinet 2014 contest. 1st place: Star Party, 2nd place: Ultimate Bosses, 3rd place: Templar TV
kr grandmaster115zerg Templar TV [Faunts] MFour577753%122-1081531
kr grandmaster117zerg Templar TV 유정연576663%26-15598
kr grandmaster191terran Templar TV 안정인541851%20-19457
us grandmaster93zerg Templar TV [SttE] jiko571454%31-26803
us master360protoss Templar TV Yuna563771%10-4328
eu master362protoss Templar TV КудяЕбашер (llllllllllll)572450%1-10
kr master622zerg Templar TV TRADER518638%10-16132
kr master640protoss Templar TV King516551%260-251910
us master642zerg Templar TV IIIIIIIII532250%1-10
eu master762terran Templar TV KIEROWCAPKS (omg)529525%1-346
kr master867zerg Templar TV 연서파파502036%10-18200
us master891protoss Templar TV RedKnight ([WisOP] IIIIIIIIIIII)517745%15-18514
kr master1006zerg Templar TV nDie (IlIllIlllIlI)493649%74-76529
us master930protoss Templar TV Implying515752%58-53566
eu master1022random Templar TV Breosith514780%8-2233
kr master1149zerg Templar TV [SMA] STamaiHY487548%14-1594
us master1054zerg Templar TV [SttE] Quantum509256%64-51601
us master1070terran Templar TV Obama508333%1-228
us master1072terran Templar TV RedKnight ([WisOP] IIIIIIIIIIII)508255%54-45413
us master1101random Templar TV RedKnight ([WisOP] IIIIIIIIIIII)507062%23-14300
kr master1222zerg Templar TV Mysticism485165%39-21405
us master1275zerg Templar TV RedKnight ([WisOP] IIIIIIIIIIII)499686%6-1137
us master1320random Templar TV Fearz498329%2-516
us master1365protoss Templar TV llllllllllll496360%29-19498
eu master1439terran Templar TV fatpig497046%26-31427
kr diamond1577terran Templar TV BOmBer477175%3-184
eu master1482protoss Templar TV [3DE] StatiC495246%13-15256
us master1543protoss Templar TV [5tiusa] Rize490547%9-10167
kr diamond1644terran Templar TV [Nox] daughtry472942%10-14462
kr diamond1654terran Templar TV Bonart472560%3-2138
us master1651zerg Templar TV Rhadaze487378%7-2199
kr diamond1829zerg Templar TV 안정인465675%3-192
eu master1734terran Templar TV Breosith48660%0-10
eu master1780protoss Templar TV Breosith4854100%1-00
us master1809protoss Templar TV [SttE] Quantum482962%5-340
kr diamond1978terran Templar TV 빠삐뇽460846%26-31711
kr diamond2124zerg Templar TV [SWlFT] 원하나요456653%39-35741
us master2026protoss Templar TV Ventus478268%32-15448
kr diamond2141protoss Templar TV [aBros] YaQuZa456264%18-10456
kr diamond2149terran Templar TV 시발난짱이다456017%1-546
kr diamond2175protoss Templar TV Mysticism455146%11-13484
us master2104protoss Templar TV SkrOs477052%79-73472Σ
us master2256zerg Templar TV Luna472771%22-9127
kr diamond2376protoss Templar TV caLintz450553%59-53447
us master2278zerg Templar TV HankHill472151%95-9313
kr diamond2381terran Templar TV Mysticism450463%17-10388
us master2283protoss Templar TV Iscariot471750%60-60284
kr diamond2412random Templar TV Mysticism449745%5-6202
eu master2547terran Templar TV Stazy469048%13-1456
eu master2561protoss Templar TV Stazy468854%86-73266
us diamond2680terran Templar TV [GinR] Ketroc (lIIlllIlIIl)469347%17-19611Σ
us diamond2879terran Templar TV [MSet] DrRektinator464047%27-30694
us diamond2933zerg Templar TV Seahawk (IIIIIIIIIIII)462744%17-22539
kr diamond3142protoss Templar TV rooney434447%28-31469
eu diamond3048terran Templar TV Muacks465164%35-20899
us diamond3191random Templar TV Luna457740%2-30
kr diamond3372protoss Templar TV nDie (IlIllIlllIlI)4305100%1-00
eu diamond3385zerg Templar TV spaceGray455050%5-5180
kr diamond3501terran Templar TV [비트] EURO428549%23-24469
us diamond3437terran Templar TV [Flar3s] Bamanass453320%1-40
eu diamond3438random Templar TV debaz453655%75-62790
us diamond3671zerg Templar TV House4493100%1-00
kr diamond3794terran Templar TV 빵삼이424050%54-54380
us diamond3752zerg Templar TV SABER448283%10-2215
kr diamond3915protoss Templar TV [인투더] IntoTheNero422351%43-42420
kr diamond4012terran Templar TV JinCharge (llllllllllll)421069%9-4203
kr diamond4025zerg Templar TV VIPER420833%1-232
eu diamond3962random Templar TV Stazy444442%16-22605
us diamond4000zerg Templar TV [TAW] MGMs445175%3-1115
eu diamond4032protoss Templar TV OneofMany443455%39-32746
kr diamond4181protoss Templar TV 김주성418660%15-10216
us diamond4109protoss Templar TV puppyprison443933%2-444
us diamond4150random Templar TV [IamPro] darktemplar443250%20-20610
eu diamond4278random Templar TV Flinch439947%26-29607
eu diamond4295protoss Templar TV [PriMe0] Skypemoon439757%4-3132
eu diamond4297protoss Templar TV WaRnER4397100%1-00
us diamond4410zerg Templar TV Implying439840%2-360
kr diamond4514terran Templar TV nDie (IlIllIlllIlI)414520%1-430
eu diamond4445protoss Templar TV LeggerLegger43810%0-10
us diamond4449terran Templar TV Implying439245%13-16384
eu diamond4472zerg Templar TV [l0C] SAR437753%109-98770
kr diamond4573terran Templar TV rooney413752%15-14422
us diamond4483protoss Templar TV [4USA] Swully43880%0-10
us diamond4524protoss Templar TV kimchi438278%7-2144
eu diamond4545protoss Templar TV Nergorix436947%21-24570
kr diamond4646zerg Templar TV rooney412957%12-9309
us diamond4640terran Templar TV IAMBeanz436725%2-684
us diamond4652zerg Templar TV [EZ2B] ORDER436659%16-11420
us diamond4794protoss Templar TV Shane434952%28-26471
kr diamond5015protoss Templar TV [HuIIII] PesTeNoiRE408445%5-6189
eu diamond4922protoss Templar TV [EmŦ] PetrusV431944%7-9252
eu diamond4924protoss Templar TV [SWIZZ] SAYCHEEEESE431951%21-20538
us diamond5155protoss Templar TV [TeamUR] Flow430658%11-8251
us diamond5168random Templar TV Shane430575%6-2140
us diamond5205protoss Templar TV Urbina429950%37-37506
eu diamond5209terran Templar TV Сагыныш428238%9-15370
kr diamond5341terran Templar TV IIIIIIIIIIII404752%158-147462
us diamond5276random Templar TV [Emb3rs] Klusive429140%2-358
kr diamond5464protoss Templar TV [Nox] 맹덕츙4033100%3-058
us diamond5365protoss Templar TV Nemo428062%24-15260