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Winning games of the Arcade • Rock the Cabinet 2014 contest. 1st place: Star Party, 2nd place: Ultimate Bosses, 3rd place: Templar TV
us grandmaster  41zerg Star Party [DuSt] starkiller577461%97-63571Σ
us master 1 213terran Star Party [MVP] Forte627690%9-1242Σ
kr master 1 339protoss Star Party [1FPro] JackO (SpaceDandy)535350%1-148Σ
us master 1 250terran Star Party Fenix588875%9-3409
eu master 1 389protoss Star Party [orKsB] FurY55790%0-10
eu master 1 417zerg Star Party LifeIsAMeme551075%3-1142
eu master 1 442zerg Star Party [DuSt] starkiller546733%1-246Σ
eu master 1 590terran Star Party IIIIIIII528668%26-12372
eu master 1 599protoss Star Party [UATeam] Rafiki527471%10-4272
kr master 2 737terran Star Party [精灵] Link494753%25-22169
us master 1 690zerg Star Party WinS508039%7-11208
eu master 1 726protoss Star Party Spida51750%0-40
kr master 3 839zerg Star Party OHtaeYanG487250%1-14
us master 2 818terran Star Party [dLife] OrangeJello500150%1-116
us master 2 842zerg Star Party [ZERG7V] DaEMoN49870%0-40
us master 3 893zerg Star Party Zahl4955100%2-08
us master 2 1012protoss Star Party JoonHo ([Emb3rs] herOmarryme)489043%6-862
us master 3 1037protoss Star Party [iGx] Holiday487959%63-4343
eu master 3 1066protoss Star Party [Quasr] printf (lIllIlIIlIll)493750%10-100Σ cannon
eu master 3 1078protoss Star Party SmoNKa492867%6-342
eu master 3 1186random Star Party SzykujDupsko48820%0-10
kr diamond 1 1346zerg Star Party NIGNOY463050%3-3136
kr diamond 1 1368zerg Star Party FruitsBasket (lllllIIlIllI)4620100%1-00Σ
us master 3 1319protoss Star Party [afzd] MrFourTwenty477850%70-7110
kr diamond 1 1452protoss Star Party [YWings] aRaimaiRu458953%25-22475
us master 3 1434protoss Star Party RozeEagle475044%4-518
us master 3 1456terran Star Party TerranitUp473860%3-2103Σ
kr diamond 1 1615terran Star Party [IWYDI] LeoCronus452658%29-21210
eu master 3 1523random Star Party PorygonZ476367%2-199
eu master 3 1606zerg Star Party AmoK471440%2-34
us diamond 2 1621zerg Star Party [mYi] AqueroN (TheEagle)478386%6-1207Σ
eu master 3 1625zerg Star Party DerKi467641%9-1344
us diamond 2 1659terran Star Party MaxFactor473977%10-3205
us diamond 1 1685zerg Star Party [GGLa] Kav471967%2-148
eu diamond 1 1839terran Star Party [VdF] DoctorSC468150%3-3140
kr diamond 2 1941protoss Star Party lllllIllll442054%60-52268
kr diamond 2 2109zerg Star Party [IWYDI] LeoCronus437167%2-130
eu diamond 1 2042zerg Star Party OverDeadX461933%1-20
kr diamond 2 2211random Star Party 빠개형433951%20-19240
eu diamond 1 2138zerg Star Party NeOz458548%12-13375
us diamond 3 2146zerg Star Party [afzd] MrFourTwenty456350%1-10
eu diamond 1 2207zerg Star Party [VdF] DoctorSC456638%8-13289
eu diamond 1 2208terran Star Party [DeVu] LunatiC456683%5-1116
kr diamond 2 2390terran Star Party [베리타스] 죽이면히힉429267%29-14224
eu diamond 1 2365terran Star Party Fresh452658%49-35592
us diamond 3 2386zerg Star Party MaxFactor4502100%6-097
us diamond 1 2428terran Star Party Bohne449386%31-5251
kr diamond 2 2933zerg Star Party TyChang417343%3-4140
kr diamond 2 2955terran Star Party [LaSta] soap41680%0-20
kr diamond 2 3027terran Star Party [파이리이] 동네슈퍼마린415463%22-13198
kr diamond 3 3044protoss Star Party [아작아작] IIIIlIllIllI415260%9-6124
kr diamond 2 3055zerg Star Party wildjinhyuk415054%26-22154
us diamond 2 2984zerg Star Party Sulfate43880%0-10
kr diamond 3 3119protoss Star Party 전국꽃거쥐41390%0-20
us diamond 3 3030random Star Party [DGRM] Swift437962%5-3184
eu diamond 2 3055protoss Star Party Schatten43770%0-10
eu diamond 2 3095protoss Star Party [PiCrab] Evgen437067%12-6177
eu diamond 2 3231terran Star Party Domaine4345100%1-00
eu diamond 3 3323terran Star Party Proxy4327100%4-086
kr diamond 3 3551random Star Party cocodor406350%3-390
kr diamond 3 3554random Star Party 전국꽃거쥐4063100%2-030
kr diamond 3 3630terran Star Party 전국꽃거쥐405040%2-327
us diamond 2 3640terran Star Party [DGRM] Swift4271100%3-058
kr diamond 3 3751terran Star Party BlaNk402940%2-348
us diamond 3 3653zerg Star Party IIIIIIIIIIII426975%3-1105
us diamond 2 3677zerg Star Party TerranitUp426520%2-836Σ
kr diamond 2 3846protoss Star Party xybi401437%11-1993
eu diamond 2 3757zerg Star Party Poulpeunuque425559%26-18239
us diamond 2 3774zerg Star Party DampiL4248100%2-030
eu diamond 2 3796terran Star Party Tchoupinax424940%4-6119
eu diamond 2 3849protoss Star Party Corteximo4240100%5-078
eu diamond 2 3852protoss Star Party IIIIIIIIIIII4240100%1-00
eu diamond 2 3905protoss Star Party LifeIsAMeme423160%6-4116
eu diamond 2 3937zerg Star Party [CCAV] Hottyfood4227100%2-030
us diamond 2 3940zerg Star Party Awake421952%11-10158
us diamond 2 3975terran Star Party Discord421433%1-20
kr diamond 3 4096terran Star Party 김도형39750%0-20
us diamond 2 4076zerg Star Party Tysunami420322%2-759
us diamond 2 4085zerg Star Party ZeusAImighty420257%4-3108
kr diamond 3 4221zerg Star Party silk39590%0-20
kr diamond 3 4226zerg Star Party Lokemon395829%4-1056
kr diamond 3 4230protoss Star Party llllllllllll395741%7-1099
kr diamond 3 4252zerg Star Party UnBreaKable39550%0-10
eu diamond 2 4166protoss Star Party Cirdaen419355%31-25251
kr diamond 3 4291zerg Star Party SeruleanBlue3950100%5-0114
kr diamond 3 4330zerg Star Party [파이리이] 동네슈퍼마린3943100%2-030
kr diamond 3 4444terran Star Party fantasy392862%5-3111
us diamond 2 4350random Star Party [CXMP] DISD4169100%1-00
eu diamond 2 4367protoss Star Party rhsok416833%1-230
us diamond 2 4386terran Star Party NeSquick416478%31-9213
kr diamond 3 4503protoss Star Party 나비효과39210%0-30
us diamond 2 4406terran Star Party Liaison416250%2-297
us diamond 2 4422terran Star Party [LOPKIN] Zoolopkin41590%0-10
eu diamond 2 4432zerg Star Party ThrowALot416033%2-430
eu diamond 2 4472terran Star Party DizZy41550%0-10
kr diamond 3 4574zerg Star Party Vienna391140%2-330
eu diamond 2 4498zerg Star Party GlobZz4152100%1-00
eu diamond 2 4549protoss Star Party [UATeam] Yamaga414362%5-3149
kr diamond 3 4711terran Star Party [행복제한] 눈이많은날389460%3-2132
kr diamond 3 4807zerg Star Party YLEE388241%9-1395