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Winning games of the Arcade • Rock the Cabinet 2014 contest. 1st place: Star Party, 2nd place: Ultimate Bosses, 3rd place: Templar TV
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eu diamond 1 3989zerg Star Party JimmieÅkeson ([WLFARE] LOADBLASTER)515175% 3-196
eu diamond 1 4138protoss Star Party [VdF] DoctorSC47160%0-10
eu diamond 1 4218random Star Party UKorean469068%23-11685
eu diamond 1 4260zerg Star Party Smogosaure467963%67-401079
eu diamond 1 4415terran Star Party [DeVu] LunatiC465068%17-8628
eu diamond 1 4492protoss Star Party Cirdaen463252%261-2411825
eu diamond 2 4545zerg Star Party [orKsB] FurY462580%4-1150
eu diamond 1 4555zerg Star Party OverDeadX462350%6-6236
eu diamond 1 4714protoss Star Party [NumbAc] PatgaData459849%140-1451498
eu diamond 1 4905zerg Star Party NeOz457349%202-2082001
eu diamond 1 4933zerg Star Party [ØC] BiggySama456956%5-4186
eu diamond 1 4934zerg Star Party JennyBee456950%3-3136
eu diamond 1 4974zerg Star Party Shuffle4564100%1-00
eu diamond 1 4995zerg Star Party zergling456171%5-2188(AUS)
eu diamond 1 5271protoss Star Party [K0mpis] StarLord452951%135-1311887
eu diamond 1 5327terran Star Party Dracko452317%1-546
eu diamond 1 5329terran Star Party MIDO45230%0-40
eu diamond 1 5520zerg Star Party OctaneBG (IIIIIIIIIIII)45020%0-20
eu diamond 2 5622protoss Star Party [LQV] KingTomsy4492100%1-00
eu diamond 1 5776zerg Star Party [VdF] DoctorSC447539%14-22527
eu diamond 1 5815protoss Star Party [I0C] Paxters446950%64-641670
eu diamond 1 5816zerg Star Party Sanitydragon446942%36-501266
eu diamond 3 5993zerg Star Party [Kjeks] Reaver ([AppSha] FlowerReaVer)44530%0-10Σ proxy 4gate every game Kappa
eu diamond 1 6100zerg Star Party Darkdog444459%99-701216
eu diamond 1 6168zerg Star Party tricKel443967%29-14685