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Score the rank of Gold in all the challenge missions
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us master 3 1360zerg Spectre Wraith481447% 16-1862
us master 3 1384protoss Spectre [iGx] Euphoria ([Groovy] Lonely)480549% 25-2631Σ
kr diamond 3 1647terran Spectre FLYINGSHOE450050%4-4132
eu master 3 1807protoss Spectre UrbanNights47610%0-10
us diamond 1 2185terran Spectre Aragorn ([ETRaid] Fury)463252%12-11347Σ
eu master 3 2264protoss Spectre [TerBHD] LOKI464450%25-25191
us diamond 1 2301protoss Spectre [puCKaC] PurPlySno459789%8-1136
eu diamond 1 2545terran Spectre KeyserSoze463467%2-148
eu diamond 1 3218terran Spectre RGG446848%19-21438
eu diamond 1 3253zerg Spectre Spectre446468%17-8143
us diamond 3 3660terran Spectre Kulon435173%8-3128
us diamond 2 3760terran Spectre Battle43350%0-10
eu diamond 1 3781zerg Spectre [WBO] Deluxe438053%10-9293
eu diamond 2 4196zerg Spectre Slender432675%3-1104
us diamond 2 4339zerg Spectre [iGx] Euphoria ([Groovy] Lonely)4256100%1-00Σ
kr diamond 3 4543terran Spectre 저그387150%1-130
us diamond 2 4765zerg Spectre [Micr0] Rufeo420780%4-1114
eu diamond 2 4904terran Spectre Binki423740%2-364
us diamond 2 5361zerg Spectre [IuGaI] EffeCt414456%5-4120
eu diamond 2 5619terran Spectre [PDLa] Semtecks41640%0-20
us diamond 2 5658terran Spectre RazieL411742%5-7136
us diamond 2 6049zerg Spectre Schnook408673%19-7179
us diamond 2 6160zerg Spectre MrBlair407759%17-12161
us diamond 3 6236terran Spectre [iGx] Euphoria ([Groovy] Lonely)40720%0-10Σ
eu diamond 2 6477terran Spectre PsYcHeDeLiC40920%0-40