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Score the rank of Gold in all the challenge missions
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eu master 1 273zerg Spectre [ROOT] Jig606450% 12-12501Σ
eu master 1 340zerg Spectre [I0C] MaLiBu586944% 7-9334
us master 1 845protoss Spectre [ECV] Orion ([ValidG] Izanagi)520252% 47-43993Σ
eu master 2 1233zerg Spectre isaac510856% 53-411036
eu master 2 1438terran Spectre [xMiCx] NnIiTtoO501348% 21-23370
eu master 3 1545random Spectre [xMiCx] NnIiTtoO497940% 2-30
us master 3 1660zerg Spectre Wraith489852% 74-67683
eu master 3 1812terran Spectre Voxy488667% 2-18
eu master 3 2344random Spectre Voxy477069%9-4262
kr diamond 3 3006terran Spectre FLYINGSHOE443571%5-2143
kr diamond 2 3025zerg Spectre 비욘부레기443166%23-12548
eu diamond 1 2935protoss Spectre Magnus47170%0-10
eu diamond 1 2982zerg Spectre Voxy470033%1-248
eu diamond 1 2990terran Spectre [TerBHD] DanNov4698100%1-00
eu diamond 1 3070terran Spectre [НТТ] Fable467525%2-672
us diamond 1 3243terran Spectre ReZniK462957%8-6316
eu diamond 1 3532terran Spectre KeyserSoze4585100%3-096
eu diamond 2 3617protoss Spectre Voxy457050%1-10
eu diamond 1 3666protoss Spectre [TerBHD] LOKI456148%35-38757
us diamond 1 3993terran Spectre [ECV] Orion ([ValidG] Izanagi)450560%3-294Σ
eu diamond 1 4324terran Spectre RGG446652%44-401010
kr diamond 2 4547terran Spectre Chone420262%5-3164
eu diamond 1 4509terran Spectre Binki4444100%1-00
us diamond 1 4642zerg Spectre [Ash3s] Swarmonomics443049%109-113998
eu diamond 2 4893zerg Spectre [xMiCx] NnIiTtoO440062%10-6285