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Complete all the Spear of Adun Ability achievements.
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us master 3 3373terran Spear of Adun [cDg] Focus455746%33-3874sc2replaystats
us diamond 1 4940random Spear of Adun [Pract] Astinio4394100%3-094
eu diamond 1 6153terran Spear of Adun [TerBHD] Valor431653%47-41775sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 6895protoss Spear of Adun [cDg] Focus421862%8-5197sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 6936protoss Spear of Adun AtlasGrip42150%0-10sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 7640terran Spear of Adun Buddaaaay415848%37-40475sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 7815protoss Spear of Adun [NPhase] Incursion414625%1-30sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 9834zerg Spear of Adun [hTx] Anonymous402661%31-20496sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 12316zerg Spear of Adun Titanflash390051%28-27397sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 14750protoss Spear of Adun [hTx] Anonymous379654%25-21373sc2replaystats
eu diamond 3 15617protoss Spear of Adun Koffus38360%0-10sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 16395terran Spear of Adun [hTx] Anonymous373356%5-4142sc2replaystats
eu diamond 3 18348zerg Spear of Adun [CRZZY] Drakmor37560%0-10sc2replaystats