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Complete all the Spear of Adun Ability achievements.
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us master 1 239protoss Spear of Adun Indy611987% 13-2403
us master 1 1191terran Spear of Adun [Rival] DisReSpeCT ([Rival] Finesse)521955% 102-821873Σ
eu diamond 1 4600zerg Spear of Adun [I0C] ÇĦƲÇƘȊ460125%2-696
us diamond 1 5750zerg Spear of Adun [EGAcer] Jellyfish4505100%1-00
kr diamond 3 8498zerg Spear of Adun 김준영40310%0-10
us diamond 2 8493random Spear of Adun [Pract] Astinio429485%11-2164
us diamond 2 10129protoss Spear of Adun [NPhase] Incursion419945%22-27554
kr diamond 3 11043terran Spear of Adun 아둔의창389154%62-521257
kr diamond 3 13470protoss Spear of Adun 오펜하이머375346%28-33304
eu diamond 3 15328zerg Spear of Adun Ashud395733%1-296
us diamond 3 17413terran Spear of Adun Buddaaaay3919100%3-058
eu diamond 3 17478protoss Spear of Adun Koffus3887100%2-030
us diamond 3 17667protoss Spear of Adun Titanflash391156%75-601074
us diamond 3 18014zerg Spear of Adun Titanflash390150%95-941091
us diamond 3 25616terran Spear of Adun Titanflash326728%5-1360