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Purchase tickets to Blizzard's convention taking place in Anaheim, California on November 6 & 7, 2015.
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us grandmaster  151protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [NSE] THERIDDLER544464% 34-19781Σ
eu master 1 603protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [EESC] Yav558958% 63-461243
us master 1 662terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [NSE] THERIDDLER549948% 30-32942Σ
kr master 3 1373terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) 편입인생 (llllllllllll)498260% 30-20450
us master 2 1288random Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [NSE] THERIDDLER519367% 2-124Σ
kr master 3 1910protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [Blsu] kasuganon482950% 7-7153
eu master 2 1997protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [UATeam] BlackVelvet4990100% 1-00
kr diamond 2 5376terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [Blsu] kasuganon4272100%1-00
kr diamond 3 7004protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) aaaaaa4131100%1-00
eu diamond 1 7261protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) Nox434551%124-1181263
kr diamond 3 8102terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) EternalLord405659%39-27944
kr diamond 3 8237protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [임진록] Rua404844%4-588
kr diamond 2 8259terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [TNC] JustBoring404643%70-911384
eu diamond 2 8350random Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) ThaOldStyle427161%14-9342
kr diamond 3 9686terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [임진록] Rua396150%11-11292
us diamond 2 9596protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [AIlin] Arcane422670%14-6368
kr diamond 3 10096terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [UF] 레이너393880%4-186
us diamond 2 10037protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) WireBender420254%48-41652
kr diamond 3 10172protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [Warp] Zeratul393457%13-10322
eu diamond 2 10705random Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [Pachan] Gadfour413948%35-38727
kr diamond 3 11628protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) RoYal38660%0-20
kr diamond 3 11742protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [SGlory] 兔子兔子茶飲386162%16-10415
kr diamond 3 11867terran Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) SilentHell385750%5-5179
eu diamond 2 11778random Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) [DFgs] Magister409354%58-501261
kr diamond 3 12012protoss Spear of Adun (BlizzCon) rwin385250%7-7214