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Acquire 300 Solarite for the Solar Core in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
eu master 1 108protoss Solar Core Couguar598051%81-781078Σ
eu master 3 1015terran Solar Core aDiclonius486753%18-1627
us diamond 1 1410protoss Solar Core [Flar3s] SAMCHI471670%16-7400
us diamond 1 1869terran Solar Core [hdUp] Gankstro454546%48-56589
us diamond 1 2029terran Solar Core [Flar3s] SAMCHI450133%6-12158
us diamond 1 2079zerg Solar Core [Flar3s] SAMCHI44900%0-10
us diamond 2 3283terran Solar Core [7B] BestOfSeven423953%59-52243
us diamond 2 3533protoss Solar Core [SDC12] Pere419667%2-130
eu diamond 2 4010terran Solar Core [FTSC2] juratul410950%5-567
us diamond 3 5227protoss Solar Core [NFLDs] Sentinel396154%33-28181
us diamond 3 6133zerg Solar Core Andres386152%12-11123
eu diamond 3 6154protoss Solar Core [Father] Nur384860%3-260
eu diamond 3 6232protoss Solar Core [Teor] DaveRaynorS38410%0-10
us diamond 3 6794random Solar Core [SDC12] Pere38030%0-10
eu diamond 3 7286protoss Solar Core [FTSC2] juratul374850%6-6101