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Acquire 300 Solarite for the Solar Core in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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eu grandmaster  99protoss Solar Core Couguar595252% 380-3551835Σ
kr diamond 1 2154terran Solar Core twilight459838%5-8190
us master 3 2114terran Solar Core [hdUp] Gankstro477751%82-78242
us master 3 2360protoss Solar Core bombER472439%7-1142
kr diamond 2 3181terran Solar Core [MS] MSTeMPeST437463%17-10329
kr diamond 2 3551terran Solar Core Mirror43100%0-10
kr diamond 1 4241zerg Solar Core Mirror421343%55-72686
eu diamond 1 4158protoss Solar Core [Maegis] Avon446259%16-11450
kr diamond 2 4637terran Solar Core popo416475%3-1102
kr diamond 3 4798zerg Solar Core [NeOx] Ember41470%0-10
kr diamond 3 5595random Solar Core Mirror405925%2-658
eu diamond 2 6200protoss Solar Core Soup423957%8-6196
kr diamond 3 6435protoss Solar Core Mirror397747%7-8100
eu diamond 2 6909protoss Solar Core [RstE] HelloTV41780%0-10
eu diamond 2 7280terran Solar Core [FTSC2] juratul415152%16-15317
kr diamond 3 7757protoss Solar Core NekoMiMi386857%4-3167
kr diamond 3 7920terran Solar Core DOD385850%1-193
us diamond 2 7899protoss Solar Core [SDC12] Pere410844%19-24174
kr diamond 3 8350terran Solar Core Flame383186%6-185
us diamond 2 8374protoss Solar Core [7B] BestOfSeven407544%7-9116
kr diamond 3 8869zerg Solar Core NUABO374955%31-25213
eu diamond 2 8830protoss Solar Core [PGPOOL] Nur403953%99-89585
eu diamond 3 8920terran Solar Core [Dae] Strade403450%10-10275
us diamond 3 9478random Solar Core Andres400550%3-30
us diamond 3 10082zerg Solar Core Andres396558%21-15285