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Acquire 300 Solarite for the Solar Core in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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eu grandmaster  44protoss Solar Core Couguar622453% 809-7122438Σ
kr master 3 2243zerg Solar Core [Hermit] Mirror429747%150-1661272
kr diamond 1 3027terran Solar Core twilight457642%11-15442
us master 3 3069protoss Solar Core bombER480150% 35-35490
kr diamond 1 3280zerg Solar Core ZePHBul45330%0-10
us master 3 3305terran Solar Core [hdUp] Gankstro477751%82-78242
kr diamond 1 3805terran Solar Core [MS] MSTeMPeST445258%34-25619
kr diamond 2 5113terran Solar Core [Hermit] Mirror430038%3-592
eu diamond 1 5807protoss Solar Core [Maegis] Avon446259%16-11450
kr diamond 2 6598terran Solar Core popo416475%3-1102
us diamond 2 6562protoss Solar Core SGP4438100%1-00
kr diamond 3 6825zerg Solar Core [NeOx] Ember41470%0-10
eu diamond 1 6775zerg Solar Core [RеBoot] ajax438152%109-1021433
us diamond 2 7638terran Solar Core NegeV435243%15-20490
kr diamond 3 8465random Solar Core [Hermit] Mirror403337%7-12202
eu diamond 2 8405zerg Solar Core cactuschewer426869%20-9424
kr diamond 3 8979terran Solar Core [육풍함] Limhw400162%5-358
eu diamond 2 9521terran Solar Core Andrius4198100%1-00
kr diamond 3 9790protoss Solar Core [Hermit] Mirror395645%9-11156
eu diamond 2 9922protoss Solar Core [RstE] HelloTV41780%0-10
kr diamond 3 10456zerg Solar Core 샤이메르392060%9-6226
eu diamond 2 10580protoss Solar Core Soup414546%24-28668
kr diamond 3 11217terran Solar Core DOD388360%3-2143
eu diamond 2 11386random Solar Core Andrius410949%24-25658
us diamond 2 11442protoss Solar Core [SDC12] Pere413649%82-871444