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Community Voted Portrait Reward 2016.
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us master 1 285terran SCret Admirer [SpM] Expect ([KRezNA] NAisEz)588060% 3-2138Σ
us master 1 347protoss SCret Admirer maynard (llllllllllll)570240% 4-6132Σ
us master 1 395protoss SCret Admirer [Rival] Hjax ([Cuddl3] Robespierre)561238% 3-5136Σ
us master 1 435zerg SCret Admirer [REPORT] Thorodan5566100% 1-00 ( by [isIMBA] TheFlash and [isIMBA] hellraiser)
us master 1 440zerg SCret Admirer Fashion5558100% 2-044
us master 1 470zerg SCret Admirer EviL (MADAFAKA)551664% 27-15353
us master 1 487protoss SCret Admirer OOracleKing (llllllllllll)549567% 2-140
us master 1 498terran SCret Admirer [isIMBA] TheFlash ([SMURF7] PapaSmurf)547978% 25-7359Σproxy 4 rax
us master 1 499zerg SCret Admirer JediVipor (RoyalPains)547928% 5-13202
us master 1 502terran SCret Admirer [REPORT] Thorodan547482% 41-9555 ( by [isIMBA] TheFlash and [isIMBA] hellraiser)
us master 1 544terran SCret Admirer [SIoth] Pokebunny (brzda)542739% 7-11246ΣregretWUT
us master 1 620terran SCret Admirer [Rival] RunaMoK534255% 129-106833Σ
us master 2 955protoss SCret Admirer [3D] Joker515856% 61-481053
us master 2 1043zerg SCret Admirer CaStLleAGE ([8787GG] CASTLEAGE)512059% 13-9294Σ
us master 2 1086terran SCret Admirer Aggression510155% 12-10252Σ
us master 2 1141terran SCret Admirer IIIIIIIIIIII507770% 30-13540
us master 2 1229zerg SCret Admirer llllllllll504266% 38-20339
us master 1 1237terran SCret Admirer [salW] BuRny503737% 10-1784
us master 2 1272protoss SCret Admirer PurplsnO (Hwoarang)502552% 22-20456
us master 2 1325zerg SCret Admirer MacroNCheese500948% 11-12244
us master 2 1429terran SCret Admirer ZombieGrub ([1BRY1] iloveboxer)4979100% 1-00Σ
us master 3 1775zerg SCret Admirer llllllllllll486462% 5-350
us master 3 1792zerg SCret Admirer [4RUM] ScrubbleS485950% 1-10
us master 3 1866terran SCret Admirer [NPhase] Soda484175% 3-112
us master 3 1956terran SCret Admirer llllllllllll4819100% 9-0160