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Complete the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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eu master 1 609terran Primal Queen diocroN546384% 31-6747( by Dragon)
eu master 1 713zerg Primal Queen [PMǂ] lumpas538656% 45-35964
eu master 1 851zerg Primal Queen bab530153% 37-331110
kr master 3 1037zerg Primal Queen [SpM] Ghost494755% 75-62625
us master 2 1083zerg Primal Queen [Grav] Kreos508060% 70-46528
kr master 3 1218terran Primal Queen [리코좋아] Misery4869100% 1-00
kr master 3 1487zerg Primal Queen WaPpWYD474550%86-87449
kr diamond 1 2070zerg Primal Queen IDv462020%1-446
us master 3 2094zerg Primal Queen [buubs] BadMoJoGoGo4779100%1-00
us master 3 2130zerg Primal Queen Law477547%28-31382
eu master 3 2289terran Primal Queen EyBeam476557%13-10187
eu master 3 2299terran Primal Queen [axis] rAyLayA476445%9-1188
us master 3 2392protoss Primal Queen AmadeX470964%110-63322
eu master 3 2413zerg Primal Queen [BPC] Krystian473052%109-100416
us master 3 2484zerg Primal Queen [DuSt] oCRaM465531%4-9109
eu master 3 2539zerg Primal Queen TylerDurden464147%85-96171
eu master 3 2586terran Primal Queen Ursadon457948%82-88251
eu diamond 1 2748terran Primal Queen [RIPSC] Trehor474460%6-4229
kr diamond 2 3060terran Primal Queen 그마간다440033%1-20
us diamond 1 3044protoss Primal Queen hazing463954%7-6317
eu diamond 1 3087zerg Primal Queen Crime463757%66-501072
kr diamond 2 3193zerg Primal Queen IIIIIIIIIIII437344%7-9139
kr diamond 2 3230zerg Primal Queen ForKerrigan436654%25-21508
eu diamond 2 3396zerg Primal Queen soniCSysteM458175%15-5315
us diamond 1 3677terran Primal Queen Ebanista452048%58-63978