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Complete the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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kr master 1 624zerg Primal Queen 우마이봉524149% 64-661095sc2replaystats
eu master 1 610zerg Primal Queen [ENV] Damrud547553% 41-371517Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 662zerg Primal Queen [coLSB] Midday530661% 25-16405sc2replaystats
eu master 1 664zerg Primal Queen [PMǂ] lumpas543948% 16-17706sc2replaystatstwitch
kr master 2 810terran Primal Queen [타나카] 치애미사랑해5098100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 801zerg Primal Queen Felvo523450% 4-4134sc2replaystats
eu master 1 964zerg Primal Queen TheFrenchHop5251100% 2-038sc2replaystats
eu master 1 1084zerg Primal Queen babybeL (unknowN)519149% 27-281074sc2replaystats
eu master 1 1396zerg Primal Queen [lCGl] Orion505851% 144-1411334sc2replaystats
us master 1 1741zerg Primal Queen [TeamUR] Raz489652% 195-1821143sc2replaystats
kr diamond 1 1876random Primal Queen [타나카] 치애미사랑해470050%3-3144sc2replaystats
us master 2 2026zerg Primal Queen [buubs] BadMoJoGoGo482856% 5-474sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2094zerg Primal Queen [АDV] CraZyPinGuiN487155% 51-421007sc2replaystats
kr diamond 1 2254zerg Primal Queen RinX456149%90-921042sc2replaystats
us master 2 2251zerg Primal Queen Law478635%6-11112sc2replaystats
us master 2 2446zerg Primal Queen [kakaaw] SunWalker47490%0-50sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2494terran Primal Queen EyBeam477944%15-19313sc2replaystats
kr diamond 1 2641zerg Primal Queen pSeudoPeapl447255%12-10353sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2762zerg Primal Queen [xMiCx] Vego473144%8-10160sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2882terran Primal Queen [ƿƿ] Trehor47138%1-1118sc2replaystatstwitch
eu master 2 2889random Primal Queen LaussPompka471245%19-23314sc2replaystats
eu master 2 3075zerg Primal Queen TylerDurden469050%9-9196sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 3240terran Primal Queen SsTom435843%3-470sc2replaystats
us master 3 3218zerg Primal Queen [MOBO] Orangatang46300%0-10sc2replaystats
eu master 2 3332zerg Primal Queen [GG] Axel465012%1-714sc2replaystats