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Complete the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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eu master 1 792terran Primal Queen diocroN546384% 31-6747( by Dragon)
kr master 2 1280zerg Primal Queen [SpM] Ghost502953% 202-1812077
eu master 1 1226zerg Primal Queen [PMǂ] lumpas524051% 53-501106
eu master 1 1333zerg Primal Queen Niroxs520566% 33-17634
kr master 3 1570zerg Primal Queen WaPpWYD490252% 220-2061969
eu master 1 1530zerg Primal Queen bab511949% 119-1242632
us master 2 1660zerg Primal Queen [Grav] Kreos508060% 70-46528
eu master 2 2056zerg Primal Queen Orion497354% 104-892204
eu master 3 2335terran Primal Queen [ProRAT] Kunamatata4905100% 2-04
eu master 3 2358zerg Primal Queen Fou489971% 29-12467
eu master 3 2603zerg Primal Queen [MicroS] TOTOPOTATO485155% 103-851885
eu master 3 2615terran Primal Queen Ursadon484951% 262-2541972
eu master 3 2719zerg Primal Queen soniCSysteM483165% 60-321000
kr diamond 1 2849zerg Primal Queen IIIIIIIIIIII461659%27-19846
kr diamond 1 2900zerg Primal Queen IDv460625%2-690
eu master 3 2819random Primal Queen SMILE481450% 2-2120
eu master 3 3040zerg Primal Queen TylerDurden478250%190-1911861
us master 3 3283zerg Primal Queen [buubs] BadMoJoGoGo4779100%1-00
us master 3 3312zerg Primal Queen Law477651%108-1031854
us master 3 3322terran Primal Queen Vengeance47760%0-30
eu master 3 3442terran Primal Queen EyBeam472750%54-541021
eu master 3 3543terran Primal Queen [WBO] rAyLayA469446%42-50630
eu master 3 3564zerg Primal Queen KokaCola468455%52-43896
eu master 3 3602random Primal Queen Tsogi467338%6-1026
eu master 3 3772zerg Primal Queen [FiT] KaiSeR458451%205-1981701