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Complete 19 Legacy of the Void Campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
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kr grandmaster  102random Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo563555% 299-2422614
kr master 1 345protoss Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo600954% 405-3392666
eu master 1 457zerg Ouros [PHYsc] Zalazane (Esprit)574360% 18-12768Σ
us master 2 1337protoss Ouros [PolyG] Deadzerg517249% 20-21326Σ
us master 2 1402terran Ouros [PsiX] LighT515255% 88-711489
kr master 3 1713zerg Ouros 깐쇼새우제니스486433% 2-48
eu master 2 1634terran Ouros [IIIlI] DubbelTänk508851% 109-1031530
kr diamond 1 2755terran Ouros KillERWHalE463548%78-841602
eu master 3 2922zerg Ouros Thylomer479960%6-436
us master 3 3172terran Ouros [PolyG] Deadzerg478820%1-40Σ
kr diamond 1 3410zerg Ouros [Rush] SoBaDRush451333%3-686
us master 3 3885terran Ouros Penetration466827%4-1124
us master 3 4149terran Ouros [NS13] Wommy443349%274-2871604
kr diamond 1 4363zerg Ouros 섭풍437951%37-36834
eu diamond 1 4267terran Ouros Nanogen46610%0-10
eu diamond 1 4401zerg Ouros [Hchor] ADTǂGhosT463250%19-19780
kr diamond 2 4520terran Ouros 아오씐나436060%3-296
eu diamond 1 4564random Ouros [SSheep] Harkonnen460455%35-291187
us diamond 1 5319zerg Ouros [BLAN] MyTraLaaLaa454857%4-3186
kr diamond 2 5534terran Ouros 스타일찐42570%0-10
kr diamond 2 5923protoss Ouros 머니저그422052%48-451232
kr diamond 2 5974terran Ouros 찍돌찍돌찍돌이421554%13-11354
eu diamond 1 5946terran Ouros [Hchor] ADTǂGhosT444620%1-40
us diamond 1 5949protoss Ouros [PsiX] LighT448449%27-28912
kr diamond 2 6070zerg Ouros 프사기프종빨420749%17-18430