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Complete 19 Legacy of the Void Campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
kr grandmaster 96protoss Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo591557%58-431521
kr master 1669random Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo530551%222-2141720
us master 1812protoss Ouros [PolyG] Deadzerg530452%27-25727Σ
kr master 31435zerg Ouros 깐쇼새우제니스4897100%2-012
eu master 21598terran Ouros [IIIlI] DubbelTänk502050%59-591109
us master 22145terran Ouros [SyL] Penetration485945%26-32397
eu master 33145zerg Ouros Williamallas469651%56-54965
us master 33152zerg Ouros [BoRnGo] RhinoFeeder461449%233-239920
eu master 33225terran Ouros DerBengel46890%0-10
eu master 33254terran Ouros Nanogen46850%0-20
eu master 33550zerg Ouros [Hchor] ADTǂGhosT460444%8-10181
us diamond 23789zerg Ouros [SyL] Penetration462225%1-30
kr diamond 23924random Ouros Specter436662%8-5236
kr diamond 24017terran Ouros 아오씐나43530%0-10
eu diamond 13995random Ouros [FGDU] Prometheus461750%1-148
kr diamond 24344zerg Ouros 섭풍430650%13-13253
us diamond 34386protoss Ouros [MPC] JAEL45290%0-10
kr diamond 24546terran Ouros 찍돌찍돌찍돌이428352%54-50709
eu diamond 14570zerg Ouros [Invǂ] CaZo450557%4-3186
eu diamond 14620terran Ouros Mistificatio449960%6-486
eu diamond 14900random Ouros Harkonnen446040%4-6180
kr diamond 25032zerg Ouros [Rovic] 프사기프종빨422833%1-20
kr diamond 25256zerg Ouros 머니저그420548%16-17440
eu diamond 15206protoss Ouros [Rival] Koshkii442340%6-9274Σ
eu diamond 15596protoss Ouros [TFSM] SunJean438470%14-6290
eu diamond 15601protoss Ouros qLineX438433%1-292
eu diamond 15709terran Ouros ClydefroG437446%27-32994
us diamond 25787zerg Ouros Exogenesis438353%18-16524
kr diamond 26012protoss Ouros 머니저그413750%25-25639
us diamond 16000protoss Ouros MrPro436145%10-12429
us diamond 26628zerg Ouros [NS13] Wommy430356%18-14391
us diamond 26696zerg Ouros Koric429665%37-20753
eu diamond 26769zerg Ouros Mistificatio427829%2-5127
us diamond 16898terran Ouros [NS13] Wommy428048%62-681135
kr diamond 37006random Ouros 呷胖吃飽飽40520%0-10
us diamond 26922protoss Ouros Beruka427940%2-364
kr diamond 37233protoss Ouros Composer403448%49-53741
us diamond 17336zerg Ouros Hunter424854%99-86960
eu diamond 27452zerg Ouros [theDH] ClientZero42270%0-10
us diamond 27652zerg Ouros Rhaito422625%2-660
eu diamond 27991protoss Ouros Санчоус419155%78-65963
eu diamond 27994protoss Ouros [ENV] HTML419165%65-35693
us diamond 18005terran Ouros REBUFFERING420244%34-44496
us diamond 28091random Ouros [KPA] KimJongUn41970%0-10
us diamond 28264zerg Ouros Rockdrigo418554%90-77837
eu diamond 28414zerg Ouros Pitou416180%4-1116
eu diamond 28563zerg Ouros Myrnalin415140%8-12238
us diamond 28574terran Ouros Koric416650%11-11253
kr diamond 38846protoss Ouros [教我玩神族] jason39260%0-20
us diamond 28751zerg Ouros URSS415520%1-430
eu diamond 28847protoss Ouros Itzibitzi413556%15-12390
eu diamond 29136zerg Ouros sonbryan411850%2-230
eu diamond 29451zerg Ouros [IMVBI] TaSkeR410051%18-17340
us diamond 39723protoss Ouros Exogenesis410220%1-40
kr diamond 19847terran Ouros KillERWHalE387144%124-159833
eu diamond 210054zerg Ouros [SirEst] ITImees407112%1-730
kr diamond 310305random Ouros Zizou385139%12-19346
eu diamond 210205zerg Ouros ClydefroG40640%0-20
eu diamond 210279terran Ouros ReneGade406044%4-588
eu diamond 210402terran Ouros Andy405356%27-21609
kr diamond 310545protoss Ouros Zizou384180%12-3252
us diamond 310496zerg Ouros Cytosine405857%16-12432
us diamond 310646zerg Ouros [SmokeH] aWildBoar4051100%1-00
kr diamond 310785protoss Ouros 비무장개미382554%75-64871
kr diamond 311025terran Ouros 등푸른고딩어380347%34-38805
us diamond 210982protoss Ouros energylight403458%78-57783
kr diamond 311334terran Ouros 온완376647%8-9250
us diamond 311547random Ouros [SmokeH] aWildBoar400855%36-30841
us diamond 311654terran Ouros [Kappa8] TricoCV400371%5-2172
us diamond 311684terran Ouros vividvision400250%1-130
eu diamond 311713zerg Ouros RAA3987100%1-00
eu diamond 311859zerg Ouros Slyrix398056%27-21305
eu diamond 311865terran Ouros HellGoesOn3980100%1-00
eu diamond 311923zerg Ouros Hynips397767%4-2138
eu diamond 312075protoss Ouros [SirEst] ITImees397052%11-10298
eu diamond 312197zerg Ouros Ereak396450%1-196
eu diamond 212210terran Ouros Bonz396350%54-54302
eu diamond 312339zerg Ouros Rossbacher395842%5-7146
eu diamond 312588terran Ouros [UWL] Ganny394875%3-148
eu diamond 212710protoss Ouros [FTSC2] juratul394253%124-110596
us diamond 312795protoss Ouros [NS13] Wommy39520%0-10
us diamond 312825random Ouros [Kappa8] TricoCV395046%6-7219
eu diamond 212868zerg Ouros Blacy393525%2-630
eu diamond 313025zerg Ouros [GemTDs] YasOKuUhL392875%3-158
us diamond 313028terran Ouros [NYAAAA] PandaPrime394220%1-430
us diamond 313363zerg Ouros [Kappa8] TricoCV392762%5-3170
us diamond 313756terran Ouros Exogenesis391167%2-193
eu diamond 314140random Ouros [PdP] Burgoff388180%4-188
eu diamond 314186protoss Ouros [1stGG] aRoNuS387944%4-586
eu diamond 314447random Ouros FiViE386748%15-16430
eu diamond 314532protoss Ouros Jaromir386425%2-630
eu diamond 314550terran Ouros [BR8A] Hebus386357%4-3114
us diamond 214715terran Ouros [SmokeH] aWildBoar387438%5-8118
us diamond 314991protoss Ouros [Kappa8] TricoCV38640%0-10
eu diamond 215054random Ouros Flatulenz384427%3-864
eu diamond 315319terran Ouros [FTSC2] juratul383569%46-21789
us diamond 315326zerg Ouros BLANK385267%4-20
eu diamond 315506zerg Ouros [NMMP] TyphoonWolf3830100%1-00
us diamond 315509zerg Ouros Hublargh384571%10-4193
eu diamond 315600random Ouros Zernik382650%68-69916