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Complete 19 Legacy of the Void Campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
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kr grandmaster  93protoss Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo584356% 74-581327
kr grandmaster  114random Ouros [인투더] IntoTheNemo569555% 219-1821540
kr master 2 516terran Ouros mOkly535750% 3-356
us master 2 915protoss Ouros [PolyG] Deadzerg517249% 20-21326Σ
kr master 3 1284zerg Ouros 깐쇼새우제니스486433% 2-48
eu master 2 1656terran Ouros [IIIlI] DubbelTänk493347% 48-55874
eu master 3 2035zerg Ouros Piotr482442% 8-1180
kr diamond 1 2183zerg Ouros [Rush] SoBaDRush4603100%1-00
us master 3 2117terran Ouros [PolyG] Deadzerg478820%1-40Σ
eu master 3 2161zerg Ouros [Invǂ] CaZo479550%1-12
kr diamond 1 2361terran Ouros KillERWHalE455546%39-45875
us master 3 2383terran Ouros [SyL] Penetration475229%2-56
kr diamond 1 2520zerg Ouros 섭풍451860%25-17426
us master 3 2560protoss Ouros [HMTeam] Draft468248%11-1266
eu diamond 1 2881zerg Ouros [Hchor] ADTǂGhosT473062%10-6422
kr diamond 2 3021zerg Ouros 프사기프종빨441268%15-7370
eu diamond 1 3114terran Ouros Nanogen46610%0-10
eu diamond 1 3285random Ouros Harkonnen462461%20-13709
kr diamond 2 3443terran Ouros 아오씐나433950%2-268
us diamond 1 3512zerg Ouros [BLAN] MyTraLaaLaa457367%4-2186
us diamond 1 3600terran Ouros [NS13] Wommy455951%127-1201089
kr diamond 2 4007terran Ouros 스타일찐42570%0-10
eu diamond 2 4098terran Ouros Piotr44920%0-10
kr diamond 2 4330terran Ouros 찍돌찍돌찍돌이421554%13-11354
eu diamond 1 4385random Ouros [Invǂ] CaZo445486%12-2285