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Heal 3000 points of damage in a game of 'StarJeweled' using the Healing Wave ability
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eu master 1 28zerg Ornatus [MiA] Starbuck651153% 30-27774Σ
us master 1 329zerg Ornatus [SttE] Quantum531745% 10-12237
kr master 3 736protoss Ornatus [Dopen] 여자친구유주481369% 9-466
us master 2 753terran Ornatus Pharaoh497186% 6-1131
kr diamond 1 992terran Ornatus 어름사니462560%9-6225
eu master 2 1008terran Ornatus [ENV] Samael494757% 4-380
kr diamond 1 1461terran Ornatus [Rush] SKY438845%19-23204
us diamond 1 2041zerg Ornatus [NTDL] Lofty4525100%1-00
eu diamond 1 2780protoss Ornatus [lDPXl] iRoNaRRoW439956%23-18308
eu diamond 2 3745terran Ornatus [Hyd] HerrderLinge42250%0-10
eu diamond 2 3771protoss Ornatus Zaros422033%1-230
eu diamond 2 4201protoss Ornatus Swing41560%0-10
us diamond 3 5127zerg Ornatus [xISCX] juantro400667%6-368
us diamond 3 5271protoss Ornatus Omachron398762%18-11155
eu diamond 3 5768terran Ornatus Bigot397650%2-230
us diamond 3 5829zerg Ornatus [LTTB] Jumanji3932100%1-00
us diamond 3 6729terran Ornatus YasminTibb384638%3-560
us diamond 3 6807terran Ornatus Sonic38400%0-10
us diamond 3 7150zerg Ornatus [F0cus] Anarchist38120%0-10
us diamond 3 7521protoss Ornatus [DE] DaRkFaCtOR378456%27-21159
eu diamond 3 7977terran Ornatus [JDUNEZ] Helix378033%3-630