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Heal 3000 points of damage in a game of 'StarJeweled' using the Healing Wave ability
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us master 1 231zerg Ornatus [EG] Suppy615668% 32-151031Σ DAESuppy
eu master 1 766protoss Ornatus LinxX534647% 9-10336
us master 2 998protoss Ornatus [cloudM] meeK511056% 14-11310Σ
eu master 2 1338protoss Ornatus [НТТ] Karas50260% 0-30
kr master 3 1464protoss Ornatus [Dopen] 여자친구유주476451%40-39388
us master 3 1877protoss Ornatus PoNinaBox481251% 43-42516
eu master 3 2086terran Ornatus [ENV] Samael479648%12-13114
us master 3 2126protoss Ornatus [H8RS] WHOWANTWHAT477344%4-524
kr diamond 1 2264zerg Ornatus lIlIllllIlll456846%23-27520
us master 3 2297protoss Ornatus Kritter474039%9-1466
us diamond 2 2595zerg Ornatus Valor (llIlllIll)493317% 1-50Σ
us diamond 1 2864terran Ornatus [hTx] HydraulixXD467660%6-4234
kr diamond 2 3124terran Ornatus 어름사니438540%2-330
us diamond 1 3299terran Ornatus Valor (llIlllIll)457944%4-5168Σ
us diamond 1 3692protoss Ornatus [OhNoIZ] wordpad4513100%1-00
eu diamond 1 4003random Ornatus [НТТ] Karas448057%4-3116
kr diamond 2 4310terran Ornatus [Rush] SKY420046%47-56495
us diamond 1 4220zerg Ornatus Malware444533%1-289
us diamond 1 4390zerg Ornatus [H8RS] WHOWANTWHAT442459%20-14515
kr diamond 1 4515zerg Ornatus [밥이저그요] 天玲千夜417541%32-47594
eu diamond 2 4424zerg Ornatus IIIIIIIIIIII442757%4-3138
us diamond 2 4762terran Ornatus Soybeen438050%2-288
kr diamond 2 4995terran Ornatus [Dopen] 여자친구유주412048%27-29390
us diamond 2 4911terran Ornatus Hope436333%1-234
eu diamond 2 5361terran Ornatus Limsa432140%6-987