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kr grandmaster  26terran Narud [RevoGG] JJAKJI644461% 187-1203685Σ
us master 1 221zerg Narud [MiA] Starbuck (noobBazOOka)646840% 2-348Σ
eu master 1 273zerg Narud [PSISTM] Silky619350% 4-4192Σ
kr master 1 413protoss Narud [RevoGG] JJAKJI577264% 25-14898Σ
kr master 1 437protoss Narud [s2Mc] 고독한외계인572063% 79-461371
kr master 1 442terran Narud [s2Mc] 고독한외계인570975% 6-2144
kr master 1 443random Narud [s2Mc] 고독한외계인570654% 19-16688
us master 1 354terran Narud Wonsen (LegendaryLea)584660% 3-288
kr master 1 480zerg Narud [IM] NesTea564470% 50-21919Σ
kr master 1 492zerg Narud [RevoGG] JJAKJI562367% 4-2227Σ
kr master 1 519zerg Narud [s2Mc] 고독한외계인5579100% 1-00
kr master 2 1083random Narud [GSTCLW] 你好5109100% 1-00
us master 1 1068terran Narud Zan526343% 6-8166
kr master 3 1667zerg Narud [Nos] MoRi4874100% 1-00
eu master 2 1580protoss Narud Zekiel510668% 13-6116
us master 2 2060protoss Narud [ZERG7V] KITor4981100% 1-00
kr diamond 1 2675protoss Narud 까리문465649%44-451451
us master 3 3169zerg Narud [ZERG7V] KITor4788100%2-08
eu master 3 3534zerg Narud [Kingz] Tranceaholic469350%57-561170
eu master 3 3764protoss Narud [I0C] Reys458249%49-51637
us master 3 4040protoss Narud [NoR20M] Roach458853%58-51733
kr diamond 2 4154zerg Narud [GADIAN] EITriunfo440333%1-232
kr diamond 2 4754protoss Narud ANSsavior433651%108-1031424
eu diamond 1 4840terran Narud [I0C] Reys456953%84-741468
kr diamond 2 4973zerg Narud Moder431247%8-9193