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Complete the Space Missions in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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us master 1 276terran Mira Horner [BearMe] Seither599262% 15-9644
kr master 2 1237zerg Mira Horner [NSHoSeo] Freaky ([제니스] 박보영)505052% 17-16411Σ
eu master 1 1283zerg Mira Horner ICensureI522145% 9-11357
eu master 1 1297terran Mira Horner [iX] Moash521657% 16-12373
kr master 2 1407terran Mira Horner [Ato] STJ496710% 1-96
us master 2 1360zerg Mira Horner [TheJaM] Htw51700% 0-20
us master 2 1474zerg Mira Horner [EtnD] Miro51390% 0-10Σ
eu master 2 1544zerg Mira Horner [EESC] DCR5117100% 1-00
eu master 1 1721zerg Mira Horner YukO505844% 36-461014
eu master 2 2226terran Mira Horner [xMiCx] HAYA493054% 113-952143
eu master 3 2854terran Mira Horner [aW] Rainbw480851% 42-40538
kr diamond 1 3110terran Mira Horner [엔타로연합] daughtry456226%5-14184
us master 3 3158zerg Mira Horner AlbinoShadow479165%42-23725
us master 3 3420zerg Mira Horner Waii476960%43-29142
us master 2 3613terran Mira Horner [SttE] EvilWithin474652%111-1022013
us master 3 3653terran Mira Horner [TKCT] monOxyde473652%109-991489
us master 3 3758protoss Mira Horner DavidKimba471347%17-19122
us diamond 1 4201terran Mira Horner [UCI] POlar5086100% 3-094
us diamond 1 4226zerg Mira Horner BatmaN490585% 11-2206
eu diamond 1 4505terran Mira Horner [RеBoot] Alliance461750%21-21504
eu diamond 1 4550protoss Mira Horner Netolip460941%9-13412
eu diamond 1 4580zerg Mira Horner [aW] Rainbw46050%0-10
eu diamond 1 4641protoss Mira Horner OniLink459658%30-22774
eu diamond 1 4849terran Mira Horner Bitoune457182%9-2358
eu diamond 1 4974random Mira Horner ICensureI455525%1-348