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Complete the Kaldir Missions in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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us master 1 230protoss Lasarra [eLvSC2] Bails634966% 54-281712Σ bailsFace
us master 1 452terran Lasarra [eLvSC2] Bails571056% 23-18898Σ bailsFace
kr master 1 666zerg Lasarra [Dopen] 풍치왕김폭풍539254% 83-701677
kr master 3 1641terran Lasarra [Dopen] 풍치왕김폭풍48840% 0-50
kr master 3 1816terran Lasarra [엔에스] RoY485073% 8-3115
us master 2 1765zerg Lasarra [Fr33ze] Sanctum505039% 7-11110
kr master 3 2000protoss Lasarra [SpM] Aiur479349%28-29619
kr master 3 2028protoss Lasarra Resolution477641%13-19291
eu master 2 1997protoss Lasarra [ENV] Habu498853% 126-1132459
eu master 2 2012terran Lasarra BeefITek498651% 309-2952153
eu master 2 2447protoss Lasarra AfiNoGeN488353% 73-661426
eu master 2 2467terran Lasarra [ƬƗ] GornWood487952% 34-31501
us master 3 2989terran Lasarra Pursuit481188% 15-2266
kr diamond 1 3259terran Lasarra 랜덤453648%42-45964
eu master 3 3335protoss Lasarra Flame47570%0-20
kr diamond 1 3574terran Lasarra [SofT] 자칼448944%7-9272
kr diamond 1 3661protoss Lasarra [Dopen] 풍치왕김폭풍447551%73-701254
eu master 3 3784terran Lasarra Adne459048%83-91658
us master 3 4083protoss Lasarra Ready457965%17-9336
kr diamond 1 4446zerg Lasarra 랜덤437350%154-1571633
kr diamond 2 4559protoss Lasarra [Hermit] 기부왕436025%1-30
eu diamond 1 4623protoss Lasarra [ƬƗ] GornWood460020%1-448
eu diamond 3 4752zerg Lasarra [ƬƗ] GornWood458520%1-40
kr diamond 2 4968random Lasarra 랜덤431658%7-5182
eu diamond 1 4997terran Lasarra Fkyoulmkewl455445%5-6224