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Complete the Kaldir Missions in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
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us master 1 99terran Lasarra [eLvSC2] Bails571056% 23-18898Σ bailsFace
kr master 3 446protoss Lasarra [SpM] Aiur479349%28-29619
kr master 3 455protoss Lasarra Resolution477641%13-19291
eu master 2 691terran Lasarra BeefITek498651% 309-2952153
kr diamond 1 1443terran Lasarra 랜덤453648%42-45964
eu master 3 1592terran Lasarra Adne459048%83-91658
kr diamond 1 1717terran Lasarra [SofT] 자칼448944%7-9272
kr diamond 1 1794protoss Lasarra [Dopen] 풍치왕김폭풍447551%73-701254
us master 3 1712protoss Lasarra Ready457965%17-9336
eu diamond 1 2300protoss Lasarra [ƬƗ] GornWood460020%1-448
kr diamond 1 2493zerg Lasarra 랜덤437350%154-1571633
eu diamond 3 2422zerg Lasarra [ƬƗ] GornWood458520%1-40
kr diamond 2 2588protoss Lasarra [Hermit] 기부왕436025%1-30
eu diamond 1 2645terran Lasarra Fkyoulmkewl455445%5-6224
kr diamond 2 2933random Lasarra 랜덤431658%7-5182
us diamond 1 3129protoss Lasarra Ashron451843%3-4134
kr diamond 2 3573protoss Lasarra 랜덤424147%23-26632
us diamond 1 3532protoss Lasarra [Rival] Koshkii448144%44-571377Σ
eu diamond 1 3845terran Lasarra Flame442325%1-348
eu diamond 1 3975protoss Lasarra Fkyoulmkewl441051%26-25910
kr diamond 2 4322terran Lasarra [Hermit] 기부왕416850%44-44970
kr diamond 2 4632protoss Lasarra 얼벌이413953%23-20552
kr diamond 2 5006terran Lasarra 마음가짐410544%32-41916
kr diamond 2 5159zerg Lasarra [Hermit] 기부왕409353%115-1011353
kr diamond 3 5419protoss Lasarra Aris407464%7-4166