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Complete the Moebius Corps Missions in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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us grandmaster  63protoss Karax [Quasr] printf575463% 137-812861Σ cannon
us grandmaster  73protoss Karax Believe (IIIIIIIIIII)572459% 135-952025Σ
kr master 1 869zerg Karax 楓糖米漿 (llllllllllll)523350% 17-17452
us master 1 1013zerg Karax Believe (IIIIIIIIIII)528352% 47-441222Σ
eu master 1 1033protoss Karax [WRush] NeverDie532650% 112-1121611
us master 1 1338terran Karax Believe (IIIIIIIIIII)517144% 31-401002Σ
eu master 2 1532terran Karax Pook ([WITCHs] HarLeKiN)512167% 2-132
kr master 3 1941protoss Karax GArasi481552% 235-2171431
kr master 3 2128zerg Karax [SWlFT] llBestll470054%66-56937
kr diamond 1 2463random Karax 楓糖米漿 (llllllllllll)473157%21-16706
eu master 3 2597terran Karax Degurechaff ([ETst] ArO)485029% 2-512
kr diamond 1 3453protoss Karax [얼라이브] Adonis450541%29-421118
kr diamond 1 3454zerg Karax [네오] 병원냄새450545%24-29934
eu master 3 3415protoss Karax Degurechaff ([ETst] ArO)473150%4-4103
kr diamond 1 3575terran Karax jahn448748%30-32775
eu diamond 1 4003random Karax Pook ([WITCHs] HarLeKiN)47360%0-20
eu diamond 1 4177zerg Karax Degurechaff ([ETst] ArO)46780%0-10
kr diamond 2 4834terran Karax 楓糖米漿 (llllllllllll)432785%11-2308
kr diamond 2 5639protoss Karax lonelynight424633%2-460
eu diamond 1 6147protoss Karax [ĦvsĦ] Quasar443060%3-20
kr diamond 2 6275terran Karax IIIIIIIIIIII4188100%10-0149
eu diamond 1 6224protoss Karax [NHčka] Railgun442438%3-5136
us diamond 1 6270terran Karax [PCAKE] Carnage44580%0-20
eu diamond 1 6525terran Karax [UATeam] Ghost439970%32-14731
eu diamond 1 7768protoss Karax [l0C] Archon430751%189-1821554