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Complete the Wings of Liberty campaign
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kr master 3 2103terran Jim Raynor RohYA477750%12-1270sc2replaystats
eu master 1 2201zerg Jim Raynor LordJim ([NMSQ] JimLord)500860% 6-4216Σsc2replaystatstwitch
eu master 1 2274protoss Jim Raynor HEADHUNTER499062% 45-271052sc2replaystats
eu master 1 2779protoss Jim Raynor RaegoN490018% 2-974sc2replaystats
eu master 1 2818terran Jim Raynor MAAPK489350% 34-34984sc2replaystatstwitch
kr diamond 1 2935zerg Jim Raynor 옵티머스459825%1-348
eu master 2 3449zerg Jim Raynor [S0MS] Greppel4794100%1-00sc2replaystats
eu master 2 4131zerg Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO47190%0-30sc2replaystats
us master 3 4364protoss Jim Raynor PROXY466448%134-1441895sc2replaystats
eu master 2 4856zerg Jim Raynor JernJan464049%68-721211sc2replaystats
eu master 3 5798random Jim Raynor [mĐ] ImbaToss45570%0-20sc2replaystats
us master 3 5804terran Jim Raynor [TgAg] SandyRavage443754%134-1121682sc2replaystats
eu master 3 6636zerg Jim Raynor [PLAY4U] DNIWE451150%1-10sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 6827protoss Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO4131100%3-058sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 6993protoss Jim Raynor 態度翩翩411552%72-671310sc2replaystats
eu master 2 7106zerg Jim Raynor Zhen445233%19-38454sc2replaystats
eu master 3 7328protoss Jim Raynor [mĐ] ImbaToss441240%4-6103sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 7726zerg Jim Raynor 밥돌이405443%6-8156
kr diamond 2 7775zerg Jim Raynor 백두404950%101-1031421sc2replaystats
eu master 3 7740zerg Jim Raynor [Ǽ1] Rambo415049%654-6911808sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 8142terran Jim Raynor 용님402474%29-10563
kr diamond 3 8333terran Jim Raynor 팬더401256%153-121496sc2replaystats
us diamond 1 9242protoss Jim Raynor [UHillS] YuhangDoge431449%82-84850sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 9947terran Jim Raynor 백두391845%33-41934sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 10112protoss Jim Raynor [TgAg] SandyRavage426355%51-42996sc2replaystats