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Complete the Wings of Liberty campaign
kr master 21582terran Jim Raynor RohYA487051%120-1171269
eu master 22127zerg Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO488855%11-9228
eu master 22130zerg Jim Raynor Zhen488751%43-42962
kr diamond 12390random Jim Raynor [킹오브갓] trivia466546%24-28967
eu master 22291zerg Jim Raynor LordJim (JimLord)485029%2-514Σ
kr diamond 12563terran Jim Raynor [킹오브갓] trivia462244%8-10387
kr diamond 12569zerg Jim Raynor [킹오브갓] trivia462147%9-10106
kr diamond 12803terran Jim Raynor 뒷펭456650%39-39730
eu master 32857terran Jim Raynor MAAPK474749%97-991035
us master 33249protoss Jim Raynor [vGt] DxTroyer462337%10-1716
eu master 33312zerg Jim Raynor [N1NJ4Z] EgisLorenzo468857%106-80694
eu diamond 14841random Jim Raynor [mĐ] ImbaToss448761%11-7270
us diamond 14918protoss Jim Raynor [KingSC] ROMA448260%3-20
kr diamond 25120protoss Jim Raynor 뒷펭423325%2-630
eu diamond 15122zerg Jim Raynor [PLAY4U] DkNeeD445053%76-681155
eu diamond 15235zerg Jim Raynor Wexford443751%155-1511350
eu diamond 15502zerg Jim Raynor JernJan440848%105-1151345
kr diamond 25692zerg Jim Raynor ZaCh417956%68-53388
eu diamond 15847zerg Jim Raynor Letozzzzzzzz437660%3-20
eu diamond 16018terran Jim Raynor Letozzzzzzzz436050%86-861255
kr diamond 26255protoss Jim Raynor [Noyea] 자유의날개412747%9-10270
eu diamond 16360protoss Jim Raynor LordJim (JimLord)43300%0-20Σ
kr diamond 36668terran Jim Raynor 盤古409457%32-24594
eu diamond 36680terran Jim Raynor Olajuwon430369%9-4172
kr diamond 26886zerg Jim Raynor MoSA407530%3-758
kr diamond 36890zerg Jim Raynor [야옹이귀여워] 대박407576%13-4256
kr diamond 27714terran Jim Raynor kissme401249%157-164899
eu diamond 37751terran Jim Raynor Chanyeol4223100%2-030
kr diamond 37936protoss Jim Raynor 態度翩翩399775%3-130
kr diamond 38063protoss Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO398983%5-1114
eu diamond 28121protoss Jim Raynor Rodegar419949%109-1121006
us diamond 28131terran Jim Raynor Dawgo420825%1-336
eu diamond 18316terran Jim Raynor [ncotic] Patrick418749%131-1361130
kr diamond 38898terran Jim Raynor PHYSLegacy393350%103-102799
kr diamond 39311random Jim Raynor kisyhan391051%84-81750
kr diamond 39396zerg Jim Raynor HanHyoJoo390667%39-19370
kr diamond 39667zerg Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO389144%4-530
us diamond 29601zerg Jim Raynor [KingSC] ROMA41230%0-10
eu diamond 210396terran Jim Raynor LordJim (JimLord)407168%15-7193Σ
us diamond 210419terran Jim Raynor Gsix407652%26-24627
kr diamond 310719terran Jim Raynor [Noyea] 자유의날개384571%5-2158
kr diamond 310754terran Jim Raynor 블리자도망해라38440%0-10
eu diamond 211123terran Jim Raynor Wexford403549%67-69540
us diamond 211422terran Jim Raynor trickysticky402650%74-74880
kr diamond 311572zerg Jim Raynor internell377625%2-6120
kr diamond 311646terran Jim Raynor [Mazest] LWatson376149%63-65846
kr diamond 211889zerg Jim Raynor bibo371350%282-284815
eu diamond 312028zerg Jim Raynor aNDRYs399354%179-155982
us diamond 312384zerg Jim Raynor KaYaK398344%11-14282
us diamond 312386protoss Jim Raynor Ayac398347%7-8200
us diamond 312508zerg Jim Raynor [iCz] Bahamut397844%4-5167
us diamond 312630terran Jim Raynor Puaz397244%14-18412
eu diamond 313267terran Jim Raynor GAMBLER393962%5-3142
us diamond 313673terran Jim Raynor kastiron392846%24-28492
us diamond 313891terran Jim Raynor Ayac39190%0-20
us diamond 314093terran Jim Raynor Bear391057%13-10314
eu diamond 314795terran Jim Raynor [ÐoÐ] Wynton387952%51-47820
eu diamond 314984zerg Jim Raynor Sam387255%23-19570
eu diamond 315277protoss Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO38610%0-40
eu diamond 315340terran Jim Raynor OneBlueRhino385848%34-37645
us diamond 315681protoss Jim Raynor Bjader385250%21-21563
eu diamond 315869terran Jim Raynor [GlGr] JimRaynor384067%16-8355
us diamond 315941terran Jim Raynor Bjader384333%2-458
eu diamond 315981terran Jim Raynor [PLAY4U] DkNeeD383733%7-14204
us diamond 316355random Jim Raynor Bjader382948%146-157880
us diamond 316530zerg Jim Raynor Ayac382450%1-194
us diamond 316683zerg Jim Raynor Mulletbum382089%8-1189
eu diamond 317228terran Jim Raynor RosaHöschen379850%116-118929
us diamond 317286random Jim Raynor KaYaK38040%0-20
us diamond 317498protoss Jim Raynor KaYaK379660%18-12441
us diamond 317931random Jim Raynor kastiron377529%2-560
eu diamond 318093random Jim Raynor Weasel3776100%1-00
us diamond 318096terran Jim Raynor [PUDEL] kleni376561%28-18635
eu diamond 318481terran Jim Raynor [Овощи] Alexey376653%89-80906
eu diamond 318632terran Jim Raynor [KTZ] Hakunamatada3763100%2-094
us diamond 318806zerg Jim Raynor [CKCLUB] GrimReaper370950%86-87561
eu diamond 319118zerg Jim Raynor [Piwo] gaston374453%28-25718
eu diamond 319478zerg Jim Raynor QuasiFreedom372760%3-2111
us diamond 319509protoss Jim Raynor TigerPanzar354449%17-18455
eu diamond 319535protoss Jim Raynor Snoopy372453%89-79592
eu diamond 319642terran Jim Raynor LetsHaveFun371852%118-109964
eu diamond 320044terran Jim Raynor ProtatO369133%3-662
eu diamond 320094terran Jim Raynor NiceGuy368842%5-7172
eu diamond 320108terran Jim Raynor llllllllll368750%52-52521
eu diamond 320254terran Jim Raynor [BYTCA] Arthas367565%11-6161
eu diamond 321003zerg Jim Raynor Kenaj347142%19-26486