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eu grandmaster  65protoss Jim Raynor [I0C] Light (llllllllllll)605462% 127-783274Σ
kr master 3 1531terran Jim Raynor RohYA491954% 29-25530
kr master 3 1983terran Jim Raynor 뒷펭480252% 85-78428
eu master 3 2501zerg Jim Raynor JernJan487353% 179-1571959
eu master 3 2772zerg Jim Raynor LordJim ([NMSQ] JimLord)482662% 10-656Σ
eu master 3 2928zerg Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO480145% 9-1156
eu master 3 2966zerg Jim Raynor Zhen479550%129-131643
eu master 3 3210terran Jim Raynor MAAPK477050%1-197
eu master 2 3551terran Jim Raynor IIIIIIIIIIII470346%85-981615
kr diamond 2 4165terran Jim Raynor Susanoo440560%124-841091
eu diamond 1 4409protoss Jim Raynor RaegoN4639100%1-00
eu diamond 1 4513zerg Jim Raynor [I0C] EgisLorenzo462060%12-8488
eu diamond 1 5040zerg Jim Raynor festLezz455068%21-10700
eu diamond 1 5137random Jim Raynor [mĐ] ImbaToss453856%18-14712
eu diamond 1 5242terran Jim Raynor optik452617%2-1094
eu diamond 1 5743terran Jim Raynor Poniat447246%23-27793
kr diamond 2 6020protoss Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO421563%12-7315
kr diamond 2 6314protoss Jim Raynor [Noyea] 자유의날개418849%29-30624
eu diamond 1 6257zerg Jim Raynor [PLAY4U] DNIWE442756%39-311117
eu diamond 2 6304random Jim Raynor Poniat442343%6-8206
kr diamond 3 7103terran Jim Raynor 盤古412550%39-391084
eu diamond 1 7027terran Jim Raynor Letozzzzzzzz436646%45-53823
eu diamond 2 7077terran Jim Raynor Bamsik436251%83-81406
eu diamond 2 7475terran Jim Raynor Lenin433362%8-5148
eu diamond 2 7491protoss Jim Raynor Poniat433235%7-13260