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Complete the Wings of Liberty campaign
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kr grandmaster  38terran Jim Raynor IIllIlIlIIIl639064% 191-1072163
kr master 2 1012terran Jim Raynor [s2Mc] BrightesTK501689% 8-1121ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr master 3 1521terran Jim Raynor RohYA480449% 20-21200ggtracker sc2replaystats
eu master 2 1811protoss Jim Raynor RaegoN495069% 9-4215ggtracker sc2replaystats
us master 3 1886zerg Jim Raynor [SkFIm] FenixLizard48860% 0-10sc2replaystats
eu master 2 1925zerg Jim Raynor LordJim ([NMSQ] JimLord)491958% 11-8231Σggtracker sc2replaystatstwitch
eu master 3 2054zerg Jim Raynor JernJan489354% 32-27438ggtracker sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2179terran Jim Raynor MAAPK485854% 15-13253ggtracker sc2replaystatstwitch
eu master 3 2505zerg Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO47880%0-10ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 4364protoss Jim Raynor RohYA421050%1-130ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 4570terran Jim Raynor 백두418550%12-12281ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 4757protoss Jim Raynor [Noyea] 자유의날개416447%7-8233sc2replaystats
eu diamond 1 4760terran Jim Raynor optik450054%30-26772ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 4934zerg Jim Raynor 백두414258%44-32528ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 2 5069protoss Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO412720%2-837ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 5142terran Jim Raynor 盤古411950%1-130ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 5545protoss Jim Raynor 態度翩翩407745%5-6159ggtracker
eu diamond 1 5942protoss Jim Raynor MAAPK43770%0-50ggtracker sc2replaystatstwitch
eu diamond 1 6017terran Jim Raynor Letozzzzzzzz437146%11-13177ggtracker sc2replaystats
us diamond 1 6101terran Jim Raynor MuertoXSky434150%65-65824ggtracker sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 6680terran Jim Raynor [KingSC] ROMA4294100%2-097ggtracker sc2replaystats
kr diamond 3 7223random Jim Raynor kisyhan392554%41-35473ggtracker
us diamond 2 8147protoss Jim Raynor OmegaSub4193100%1-00ggtracker sc2replaystats
eu diamond 2 8217terran Jim Raynor KSLiquid421151%40-38455ggtracker
us diamond 2 8221protoss Jim Raynor Success418856%5-4192ggtracker sc2replaystats