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Complete the Wings of Liberty campaign
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kr master 2 1021terran Jim Raynor [s2Mc] BrightesTK499050% 15-15301
kr master 3 1289terran Jim Raynor RohYA486551% 20-19424
kr master 3 1493terran Jim Raynor 뒷펭480252% 85-78428
eu master 3 1927zerg Jim Raynor LordJim ([MałoIQ] JimLord)485686% 6-132Σ
eu master 3 2108zerg Jim Raynor Zhen481150% 126-126585
eu master 3 2159zerg Jim Raynor [BMMore] NerO480145% 9-1156
eu master 3 2350terran Jim Raynor MAAPK477050%1-197
eu diamond 1 3317zerg Jim Raynor [I0C] EgisLorenzo462060%12-8488
eu diamond 1 3609zerg Jim Raynor JernJan457153%59-521067
kr diamond 2 4607terran Jim Raynor Susanoo419665%71-39611
eu diamond 1 4581zerg Jim Raynor festLezz443664%16-9490
kr diamond 2 5021protoss Jim Raynor [Noyea] 자유의날개415052%11-10146
kr diamond 3 5192zerg Jim Raynor bibo413157%158-120600
kr diamond 3 5257protoss Jim Raynor [TDT] IEBO412460%3-286
eu diamond 1 5215terran Jim Raynor Letozzzzzzzz436646%45-53823
eu diamond 2 5219terran Jim Raynor Bamsik436651%82-80384
kr diamond 3 5324terran Jim Raynor 盤古411667%2-158
kr diamond 3 6259terran Jim Raynor kissme402555%23-19511
kr diamond 3 6400zerg Jim Raynor 백두401067%2-130
kr diamond 3 6683terran Jim Raynor 백두398348%19-21518
eu diamond 2 6708terran Jim Raynor LordJim ([MałoIQ] JimLord)422457%24-18538Σ
kr diamond 3 7131zerg Jim Raynor AegisSaint394746%6-7191
eu diamond 2 7244zerg Jim Raynor Fight418170%40-17648
us diamond 2 7644zerg Jim Raynor [MoWiz] ForestGump415760%6-4177
eu diamond 1 8111zerg Jim Raynor [PLAY4U] DNIWE412042%41-57766