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kr master 1 652zerg Infested Orc 馴鹿54140% 0-10
eu master 1 1509terran Infested Orc [aW] Finoss513063% 12-7214
eu master 1 1762zerg Infested Orc Jamesykins504555% 135-112469
eu master 2 2320zerg Infested Orc RdD490947% 8-9169
kr diamond 2 3869terran Infested Orc MuBae44430%0-10
eu diamond 1 5287zerg Infested Orc [aW] Finoss451833%2-40
eu diamond 1 5836zerg Infested Orc [hBǂ] VireNtes446075%3-186
kr diamond 3 7914zerg Infested Orc AvrgAvocado406865%11-6278
us diamond 2 8158zerg Infested Orc [UVUeSp] Sojourn431552%38-35994
eu diamond 2 11314zerg Infested Orc [DRTU] Fishybone411275%9-3218
us diamond 3 15651terran Infested Orc Miyashiro397465%11-6255
eu diamond 3 15653random Infested Orc Sinapz394659%30-21608
eu diamond 3 18631zerg Infested Orc [ERaven] Thahit38530%0-10
eu diamond 3 23897terran Infested Orc Sarcophegus371551%54-52623
us diamond 3 24345zerg Infested Orc Darkriff370747%70-791389
us diamond 3 24610zerg Infested Orc Jubub368850%148-1471293
us diamond 3 25396zerg Infested Orc [EtnD] Maestro356929%2-530