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eu master 1 1300zerg Infested Orc Jamesykins504555% 135-112469
eu diamond 1 4324zerg Infested Orc [hBǂ] VireNtes444267%2-142
kr diamond 3 5509zerg Infested Orc AvrgAvocado406865%11-6278
eu diamond 3 9652zerg Infested Orc [DRTU] Fishybone398875%3-158
eu diamond 3 10297random Infested Orc Sinapz395060%26-17514
kr platinum 2 11115protoss Infested Orc 무카파3689100%1-00
us diamond 3 11051terran Infested Orc Miyashiro391662%10-6231
us diamond 3 11655zerg Infested Orc Darkriff388650%32-32411
kr platinum 2 12272terran Infested Orc cjscldwjdnf361254%14-12345
us diamond 3 13596zerg Infested Orc Jubub380152%84-78540
us diamond 3 14888zerg Infested Orc [EtnD] Maestro356929%2-530
eu diamond 3 15235terran Infested Orc Sarcophegus366850%39-39469
us platinum 1 18516terran Infested Orc Bladezzs364758%37-27432
eu platinum 2 19546zerg Infested Orc [INAE] Eldesan35940%0-10
eu platinum 2 21537zerg Infested Orc Sarcophegus350459%22-15521
us platinum 3 23989protoss Infested Orc Jubub343355%6-5166
us platinum 3 24018protoss Infested Orc MarktheSHARK343244%19-24362
us platinum 3 24400terran Infested Orc Jubub341957%4-3166
eu platinum 3 24754random Infested Orc Sarcophegus336462%28-17242
us platinum 3 25918zerg Infested Orc LaVerDrop332433%2-40
us gold 3 27889zerg Infested Orc [KADM] Gazphor349744%7-9142
eu gold 1 27916zerg Infested Orc Oscar34780%0-10
us gold 1 28931terran Infested Orc ClanceDog334147%9-10272
us gold 1 30313protoss Infested Orc Overlord327450%1-10
eu gold 1 31938terran Infested Orc Teardone315670%21-9441