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eu master 2 3783zerg Infested Orc [Cladoq] Jamesykins471118%3-1468sc2replaystats
eu master 3 4449protoss Infested Orc [PsiX] Owen464481%58-141060sc2replaystats
eu diamond 1 6479zerg Infested Orc [hBǂ] VireNtes454633%1-20sc2replaystats
eu diamond 1 7656zerg Infested Orc [hBǂ] halfBrain439150%1-10sc2replaystats
eu diamond 1 11096zerg Infested Orc Flame417853%98-881869sc2replaystats
eu diamond 2 14902protoss Infested Orc [hBǂ] halfBrain402225%2-660sc2replaystats
kr platinum 1 16165zerg Infested Orc Hive361650%1-10
eu diamond 2 16899zerg Infested Orc [Лапы] Анатолий395626%6-17178sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 18333protoss Infested Orc [Voca] Xlarz389567%18-9155
us diamond 3 21453random Infested Orc Legacy380856%5-4142sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 23524zerg Infested Orc Maulicious375683%10-2213sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 24235zerg Infested Orc Jubub373945%19-23550sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 24439terran Infested Orc [HØST] Hotfy373450%132-1311412sc2replaystats
eu diamond 3 25546random Infested Orc Sinapz373650%5-5142sc2replaystats
eu diamond 3 27050protoss Infested Orc Murdah370463%57-331277
kr gold 1 28747terran Infested Orc HotGun31910%0-10
eu diamond 3 28712zerg Infested Orc Sidneto367138%6-10140
us diamond 3 30690zerg Infested Orc Undeadkingz360150%117-1181464sc2replaystats
eu diamond 3 33058zerg Infested Orc Cempor35940%0-10sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 33266zerg Infested Orc [EtnD] Maestro355955%30-25754sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 34069zerg Infested Orc SEIKIMA353825%1-330
us diamond 3 34698protoss Infested Orc Jubub351945%5-6173sc2replaystats
us platinum 2 37809protoss Infested Orc GUNT388981%13-3338sc2replaystats
us platinum 3 38384terran Infested Orc IMBAninja362172%13-5254sc2replaystats
us platinum 1 41205protoss Infested Orc IMBAninja345860%12-8299sc2replaystats