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Win 1000 Team Unranked or Ranked games as Random.
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eu grandmaster  96zerg Hybrid Reaver Railgan595753% 272-2412276Σ [5957 MMR] Zerg - Railgan is BACK - Ladder with Commentary - ZvT vs Wesker at 16 minute
us master 1 294zerg Hybrid Reaver [N3rd] NoRegreT ([420] Amnesia)6011100% 2-048Σ
us master 1 426protoss Hybrid Reaver TheCoon ([Micr0] TheDonald)574253% 120-1051959Σ
eu master 1 552zerg Hybrid Reaver Entropic563950% 1-144
us master 1 699terran Hybrid Reaver [Morky] TRAGIC546360% 3-278
kr master 1 845zerg Hybrid Reaver [Nos] Random5255100% 1-00
eu master 1 1178zerg Hybrid Reaver Aristori525972% 13-5335
eu master 2 1490terran Hybrid Reaver [zaXXon] zaXXon51360% 0-10
kr master 3 1842zerg Hybrid Reaver [일병] 베루모크48450% 0-20
eu master 2 1901terran Hybrid Reaver Railgan500833% 2-428Σ [5957 MMR] Zerg - Railgan is BACK - Ladder with Commentary - ZvT vs Wesker at 16 minute
kr master 2 2022zerg Hybrid Reaver prisiz478249%152-1562080
us master 2 2001terran Hybrid Reaver Jakamakala499540% 2-397
kr diamond 1 2299terran Hybrid Reaver [LF] BlueBlack48370% 0-10
eu master 2 2208protoss Hybrid Reaver Entropic493542% 13-18234
eu master 3 2446zerg Hybrid Reaver [axis] DelightGamer48820% 0-10
us master 3 2842terran Hybrid Reaver Ninjamanface483065% 44-24244
kr diamond 1 3191random Hybrid Reaver 종족전향 ([역전] IIIIIIIIIIII)454559%32-22795
us master 3 3252random Hybrid Reaver Breath4781100%1-00Σ
us master 3 3264random Hybrid Reaver [IamPro] DugongBughaw478050%1-197
kr diamond 1 3444terran Hybrid Reaver Marine450650%1-10
us master 3 3433zerg Hybrid Reaver HydrO476759%110-75928
us master 3 3455random Hybrid Reaver [lLiTl] MisterMicro476650%1-196
eu master 3 3516zerg Hybrid Reaver Kubusiek470558%15-11122
us master 3 3586zerg Hybrid Reaver Breath474950%57-57298Σ
eu master 3 3659zerg Hybrid Reaver [jCr] TriXxx464950%145-1461386