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us master 1658protoss Grommash [RBna] PappiJoe5398100%2-048
us master 31965zerg Grommash TIM489850%3-352
kr diamond 22261zerg Grommash TIM46850%0-20
us master 22476zerg Grommash Alexi479755%118-95933
us diamond 13498protoss Grommash Rxc46860%0-10
us diamond 13690terran Grommash Reclaimer464053%19-17561
us diamond 13915zerg Grommash Raivotar459666%38-201029
kr diamond 24479random Grommash [Retail] 뿌뿌42910%0-20
us diamond 34906protoss Grommash Reclaimer446829%2-530
us diamond 26592random Grommash MacroMozart430360%3-270
us diamond 27614protoss Grommash Sapphiron422635%8-15242
eu diamond 28993zerg Grommash [IPSA] jujunouf41270%0-10
eu diamond 29124zerg Grommash [ØC2] Rysor411851%58-56856
eu diamond 29438protoss Grommash Squees410057%28-21692
eu diamond 211072zerg Grommash Remuko402050%57-58871
eu diamond 311524zerg Grommash [PRaN] gameman399852%37-34736
us diamond 312361random Grommash [JDG] fargrot396862%41-25650
us diamond 312522protoss Grommash Slickz396183%5-1140
us diamond 313136zerg Grommash [JDG] fargrot393460%12-8182
us diamond 313291zerg Grommash Meida392867%2-10
us diamond 313338protoss Grommash Alexi392650%1-130
eu diamond 313748zerg Grommash Kratos39010%0-10
us diamond 314186terran Grommash JBprimero389052%87-79879
us diamond 314581terran Grommash Slickz387668%17-8434
us diamond 314688protoss Grommash StuGriffin38730%0-10
eu diamond 315743terran Grommash [ØC2] Rysor382720%1-40
eu diamond 316438terran Grommash Goldie380475%9-3251
us diamond 316491terran Grommash [JDG] fargrot381258%35-25864
eu diamond 318341zerg Grommash Squees374752%17-16469
us diamond 318443protoss Grommash [JDG] fargrot369243%6-8195
us diamond 318512terran Grommash Gorehowl368253%66-59848
us diamond 318600random Grommash StuGriffin366724%4-13120
eu diamond 318623terran Grommash Lehach373520%1-430
us diamond 318788zerg Grommash StuGriffin362447%40-45414