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us master 3 3147zerg Grommash Raivotar479366%21-11117
kr diamond 2 3931zerg Grommash Alexi4435100%6-036
us master 3 4018zerg Grommash Alexi461352%180-1631803
kr diamond 2 4932random Grommash [Retail] 뿌뿌4318100%1-00
us diamond 2 9335protoss Grommash MacroMozart42420%0-10
us diamond 2 10799protoss Grommash Sapphiron416620%1-430
us diamond 2 10801protoss Grommash DRYOYO416680%4-10
us diamond 2 11583zerg Grommash MacroMozart413150%2-20
us diamond 2 11874terran Grommash Slickz411952%97-901388
us diamond 2 12624zerg Grommash Stifflers408838%3-560
us diamond 3 13293protoss Grommash Slickz406055%27-22697
us diamond 3 13439terran Grommash [FFK] RainCloud405560%33-22809
us diamond 2 13533protoss Grommash Peachbeach405151%247-2371206
eu diamond 3 14339zerg Grommash gameman399252%45-411160
us diamond 3 15123protoss Grommash Alexi399467%8-4196
us diamond 3 15243zerg Grommash gamemanTH398950%2-260
eu diamond 3 16271zerg Grommash Juchi392761%14-9361
us diamond 3 18334terran Grommash Bunub38930%0-10
us diamond 3 19771terran Grommash JBprimero385544%25-32446
eu diamond 3 20115zerg Grommash FishCatFish381456%19-15534
us diamond 3 20182terran Grommash Gorehowl384552%82-771435
us diamond 3 20818zerg Grommash unbourne383155%23-19337
us diamond 3 22025zerg Grommash Muscularduck3807100%1-00
us diamond 3 22322zerg Grommash Conditional380156%35-28335
us diamond 3 22727protoss Grommash [VSJ] Celestium378955%23-19511