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kr master 3 902terran Grommash [하이퍼큐브] Sea50370% 0-10
us master 3 1685zerg Grommash Alexi486158% 64-47440
us master 3 1990zerg Grommash Raivotar479366%21-11117
kr diamond 3 4970zerg Grommash AirForce4125100%1-00
eu diamond 2 6229zerg Grommash Jigsaw4232100%1-00
us diamond 2 6679terran Grommash [GnR] Maebli419150%2-260
us diamond 2 6742protoss Grommash Sapphiron41860%0-20
eu diamond 3 9140zerg Grommash [RPCA] gameman401667%10-5252
us diamond 3 9562protoss Grommash Alexi399467%8-4196
us diamond 3 10055zerg Grommash gamemanTH39620%0-10
us diamond 3 10470zerg Grommash [GnR] Maebli3942100%3-058
us diamond 3 11102terran Grommash [FFK] RainCloud390865%13-7367
us diamond 3 11763protoss Grommash Slickz387538%5-8111
us diamond 3 11794terran Grommash Slickz387350%10-10266
us diamond 3 12094zerg Grommash unbourne385856%23-18337
us diamond 3 12151terran Grommash JBprimero385544%25-32446
us diamond 3 12336protoss Grommash rywar384650%78-77532
us diamond 3 13001terran Grommash Gorehowl381853%40-36469
us diamond 3 13201protoss Grommash [VSJ] Celestium381156%23-18511
us diamond 3 13479zerg Grommash Conditional380156%35-28335