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eu diamond 1 5403zerg Goblin Marine Amumi450950%1-146
eu diamond 2 12779terran Goblin Marine FURIKO405550%52-51835
eu diamond 3 17748terran Goblin Marine Aggros388258%15-11369
us diamond 3 24312terran Goblin Marine [AISC] Denton372052%11-10294
eu platinum 1 29157random Goblin Marine [Sl7] Gorgu365962%8-5282
eu platinum 2 31855zerg Goblin Marine [P3rsé] Leondor35850%0-10
eu platinum 3 38732random Goblin Marine [TODOW] GarvielLoken3426100%1-00
eu platinum 2 44384terran Goblin Marine Napstor325642%5-7131
kr silver 3 45100protoss Goblin Marine spacefrog251843%45-601176
us platinum 3 46009random Goblin Marine Heisenberg324951%97-931432
kr bronze 1 47725zerg Goblin Marine spacefrog263441%51-721525
kr bronze 1 47744terran Goblin Marine spacefrog263037%53-901615
kr bronze 1 48232random Goblin Marine spacefrog250938%37-611244
us gold 1 52726protoss Goblin Marine Lexxi324929%2-588
eu gold 2 54359terran Goblin Marine Hammm315252%15-14330
us gold 2 57540zerg Goblin Marine DrPineapple314850%1-10
us gold 2 59004terran Goblin Marine Gridlock311920%1-430
us gold 3 59799terran Goblin Marine Quijia310433%1-20
us gold 3 60286terran Goblin Marine DrPineapple3094100%1-00
us gold 3 67147protoss Goblin Marine Akira278440%12-18330
eu silver 2 68059terran Goblin Marine Magnoth314114%1-60
eu silver 3 69482terran Goblin Marine yoda300714%1-60
eu silver 1 71751terran Goblin Marine Lerhish29080%0-10
eu silver 1 73098random Goblin Marine Rageous286767%4-2128
us silver 1 76624terran Goblin Marine Prism282547%22-25660