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Complete the Purifier Missions in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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eu grandmaster  139protoss Fenix [mCon] Marsman580655% 168-1371523
us master 1 501protoss Fenix [fray] Rize546550% 1-140Σ
kr master 3 967protoss Fenix 한우 ([나가자] llllllllllll)501275% 3-122
kr master 3 1090terran Fenix 한우 ([나가자] llllllllllll)494350% 3-318
eu master 1 993protoss Fenix Schwarzkopf ([Dothhr] Khaleesi)522653% 161-1421248
kr master 3 1408protoss Fenix 폭풍의간지483946% 53-63407
eu master 2 1418random Fenix Schwarzkopf ([Dothhr] Khaleesi)501940% 2-30
kr diamond 1 1822zerg Fenix 한우 ([나가자] llllllllllll)47450%0-40
kr diamond 2 1996zerg Fenix 폭풍의간지4663100%1-00
us master 3 2047random Fenix [BFFFFF] Wonkman479950%4-40
kr diamond 1 2236protoss Fenix [Amex] YbK458764%16-9599
eu master 3 2249terran Fenix Schwarzkopf ([Dothhr] Khaleesi)477817%1-56
eu master 3 2311zerg Fenix Schwarzkopf ([Dothhr] Khaleesi)477150%152-155560
kr diamond 1 2569terran Fenix 진저파이450952%107-100716
us diamond 1 2770zerg Fenix ShadowKing489483% 15-3315
kr diamond 1 3045terran Fenix 러브마사지440848%15-16532
eu diamond 2 3001terran Fenix NILO468585%11-2159
us diamond 1 3259protoss Fenix [BFFFFF] Wonkman461967%2-148
kr diamond 2 3497zerg Fenix [Amex] YbK43310%0-10
eu diamond 1 3547terran Fenix [GROF] Anaktas457991%29-3603
kr diamond 2 3678terran Fenix oogoov (llllllllll)430233%3-694
eu diamond 1 4061protoss Fenix Equus449859%23-16633
eu diamond 1 4164protoss Fenix Cusu448367%2-190
eu diamond 2 4166protoss Fenix NILO448367%12-6254
eu diamond 1 4290terran Fenix NINTENDO446644%7-9314