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Complete 20 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
us master475zerg Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam544150%34-34981
kr master712terran Dr. Narud [NEX] lots508553%51-46453
eu master937zerg Dr. Narud [IEzPz] Sparky51700%0-10
eu master1164protoss Dr. Narud CerealPowner505850%69-70601
eu master1225zerg Dr. Narud [aW] XVec502960%29-19580
us master1476terran Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam490448%42-45367
kr diamond1655protoss Dr. Narud [SR] BlastSR469250%1-10
eu master1608zerg Dr. Narud [KDV] Dzik4881100%1-00
us master1644zerg Dr. Narud [AIlin] TechFour485357%17-13154
us master1884protoss Dr. Narud Sweetness (aka [ConFed] ShifuNess)479048%14-1548Σ
eu master1912zerg Dr. Narud [theDH] Gorthauer479350%1-16
eu master1947protoss Dr. Narud [TerBHD] Гладиатор478356%36-28415
eu master2261terran Dr. Narud [aW] XVec471249%30-31273
eu master2268terran Dr. Narud [YpT] bihjiCHOU47110%0-10
eu master2444zerg Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby468549%19-20222
eu master2475protoss Dr. Narud Dao467957%4-312
us diamond2608protoss Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam467333%3-696
eu master2723terran Dr. Narud Dao452043%16-21170
us diamond2847zerg Dr. Narud Robes461348%38-41820
eu diamond2912zerg Dr. Narud kReid46440%0-10
kr diamond3228terran Dr. Narud DKblades430347%43-48450
eu diamond3149zerg Dr. Narud [CFeS] Courage4568100%1-00
eu diamond3212protoss Dr. Narud [aW] XVec455445%9-11416
kr diamond3434protoss Dr. Narud RainDrop426840%2-330
kr diamond3856terran Dr. Narud [Aster] 손요공420750%1-130
us diamond3780zerg Dr. Narud [ConFed] Smallfry445433%6-12165
kr diamond4104random Dr. Narud [Aster] 손요공417046%6-7125
eu diamond4637zerg Dr. Narud Swiftblood432557%30-23253
eu diamond4638random Dr. Narud katz432544%4-581
us diamond4778zerg Dr. Narud [Chinny] Slayer431750%1-130
eu diamond4806terran Dr. Narud katz430145%18-22482
eu diamond4829zerg Dr. Narud Jaxter429965%11-6300
kr diamond4972protoss Dr. Narud [HuIIII] IMTB405760%3-258
us diamond4989terran Dr. Narud CSTIcarus429167%2-130
us diamond5524terran Dr. Narud iceshardzz423225%1-30
us diamond5754zerg Dr. Narud Hunter420757%47-36415
eu diamond5919zerg Dr. Narud [PT] PaiN4183100%1-00
eu diamond6099protoss Dr. Narud [Hаsu] LeviafaN4165100%1-00
kr diamond6364protoss Dr. Narud Watcher390659%24-17390
kr diamond6382terran Dr. Narud Watcher390549%64-66312
us diamond6327protoss Dr. Narud [BWill] BigWillie415457%17-13351
us diamond6383zerg Dr. Narud [SyL] SAWgunnertwo41500%0-10
eu diamond6519random Dr. Narud Kaygen412853%38-34313
us diamond6655zerg Dr. Narud Flow412751%46-44366
us diamond6731zerg Dr. Narud collinc412150%1-188
us diamond6776protoss Dr. Narud [OIGE] Walterex411756%9-7125
us diamond6869terran Dr. Narud [Chinny] Slayer410950%4-4113
eu diamond7070zerg Dr. Narud Starlord4084100%1-00
us diamond7368random Dr. Narud dbk406450%1-10
eu diamond7466random Dr. Narud Starlord40550%0-10
kr diamond7617zerg Dr. Narud Watcher374539%7-11126
eu diamond7697zerg Dr. Narud Dao403660%3-264
us diamond8029terran Dr. Narud Jarek401262%16-10186
us diamond8032random Dr. Narud Rend401250%1-10
us diamond8037zerg Dr. Narud WinHouse401157%17-13246
us diamond8060zerg Dr. Narud BTSLUV400948%40-44292
us diamond8460zerg Dr. Narud [Fir3s] USMCtosh397960%18-12351
eu diamond8513terran Dr. Narud Louisca397567%2-130
eu diamond8565zerg Dr. Narud Tea3972100%1-00
us diamond8610zerg Dr. Narud [mocat] RaijiN396950%2-258
eu diamond8698protoss Dr. Narud [HLT] Kami396452%12-11202
us diamond8720zerg Dr. Narud Fiyero39610%0-10
us diamond8895zerg Dr. Narud [FxL] mike394870%7-3198
us diamond8917zerg Dr. Narud [MEXsc] Buho394658%11-8239
us diamond9044zerg Dr. Narud MrSmith393745%38-46382
us diamond9320zerg Dr. Narud [SyL] Gooseheaded3917100%1-00
us diamond9512zerg Dr. Narud [hTx] Donny390448%30-33213
eu diamond9522zerg Dr. Narud [o] Timmey39080%0-30
eu diamond9939zerg Dr. Narud [ZЕRGТV] Loocka3882100%3-036
us diamond10007zerg Dr. Narud MiniTitan387471%5-276
us diamond10786zerg Dr. Narud [DSTN] GiMbO382767%6-3149
eu diamond11035terran Dr. Narud [LBVftw] Oemann38200%0-20
eu diamond11039zerg Dr. Narud [TheDOH] Scrapppy381960%31-21419
eu diamond11224terran Dr. Narud suyac380954%55-47402
us diamond11230zerg Dr. Narud Selesse380850%18-18287
us diamond11243protoss Dr. Narud [hTx] Donny380750%79-79344
eu diamond11630terran Dr. Narud [lWHl] Viper3789100%2-030
us diamond11810zerg Dr. Narud Fox376047%7-8202
eu diamond12161zerg Dr. Narud Eekhoorn376660%3-2139
us diamond12266zerg Dr. Narud Drew364152%26-24342
eu diamond12307random Dr. Narud [HLT] Kami376050%30-30401
eu diamond12378zerg Dr. Narud Xenoxil375560%12-8319
eu diamond12581random Dr. Narud [ziMMes] DinDomino373960%3-2136
eu diamond12607protoss Dr. Narud [X3S] Ankou373760%3-2134
eu diamond13139zerg Dr. Narud True365623%3-10138