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Complete 20 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
us grandmaster 199zerg Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam538051%138-1321434
eu master 1392protoss Dr. Narud Fear576083%45-91294
kr master 21036terran Dr. Narud [NEX] lots506152%144-1351332
eu master 11201zerg Dr. Narud [IEzPz] Sparky51700%0-10
eu master 11434zerg Dr. Narud [aW] XVec508254%163-1401651
eu master 11488protoss Dr. Narud CerealPowner505850%174-1731669
us master 21579protoss Dr. Narud Sweetness ([ConFed] ShifuNess)499953%87-761426Σ
eu master 32067zerg Dr. Narud [KDV] Dzik4881100%1-00
us master 32172terran Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam485447%43-48352
eu master 32317zerg Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby482754%43-37632
kr diamond 12467protoss Dr. Narud [SR] BlastSR463050%4-4130
eu master 32482zerg Dr. Narud [theDH] Gorthauer479350%1-16
us master 32582zerg Dr. Narud Robes478253%58-52448
eu master 32590protoss Dr. Narud [TerBHD] Гладиатор477354%57-49765
us master 32631zerg Dr. Narud [AIlin] Antares477650%75-75776
eu master 32657random Dr. Narud [lWHl] timme47620%0-10
eu master 32669terran Dr. Narud [aW] XVec476050%48-48671
eu master 33021terran Dr. Narud [YpT] bihjiCHOU47110%0-10
kr diamond 13599terran Dr. Narud DKblades441150%69-691003
eu master 33630protoss Dr. Narud [l0C] Xavier456851%31-30118
us diamond 13703protoss Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam463637%7-12284
kr diamond 23830zerg Dr. Narud jeakyumkim437661%34-22442
eu diamond 13906zerg Dr. Narud kReid46440%0-10
eu diamond 14240protoss Dr. Narud [aW] XVec455848%40-431224
eu diamond 14305random Dr. Narud [theDH] Gorthauer454430%3-794
eu diamond 14530terran Dr. Narud katz450952%56-511304
us diamond 14541zerg Dr. Narud KravMAGA450650%55-561218
kr diamond 24672protoss Dr. Narud RainDrop426840%2-330
us diamond 15009terran Dr. Narud Grin4457100%1-00
us diamond 15047zerg Dr. Narud [ConFed] Smallfry445433%6-12165
kr diamond 25239terran Dr. Narud [Aster] 손요공420750%1-130
eu diamond 15585terran Dr. Narud [l0C] Xavier438467%4-2144
us diamond 26114protoss Dr. Narud AfterSeven434856%102-79969
eu diamond 26494zerg Dr. Narud WhiteWolfRU430269%11-5300
eu diamond 26552terran Dr. Narud strvN429867%2-160
us diamond 26635zerg Dr. Narud [PiGPan] Slayer429933%1-292
us diamond 26723terran Dr. Narud CSTIcarus429167%2-130
eu diamond 26860random Dr. Narud [ACe] Tight427050%3-3100
eu diamond 26970terran Dr. Narud Chemical426125%1-340
eu diamond 26974terran Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby426150%1-10
kr diamond 27412random Dr. Narud [Aster] 손요공401939%13-20313
eu diamond 17316random Dr. Narud [l0C] Xavier423550%6-6206
eu diamond 27615random Dr. Narud Puppy421525%2-660
us diamond 27885random Dr. Narud llllllllllll420864%7-4224
eu diamond 28092terran Dr. Narud BlinkInfo418463%26-15616
kr diamond 38353protoss Dr. Narud Watcher395556%43-34833
kr diamond 38418terran Dr. Narud Watcher395050%155-154871
us diamond 28431random Dr. Narud Robes417343%15-20434
eu diamond 28446protoss Dr. Narud [HLT] Kami415853%51-45667
eu diamond 28616terran Dr. Narud [goFs] Drazy414876%16-5334
eu diamond 28731random Dr. Narud katz414136%14-25369
us diamond 28731protoss Dr. Narud [BWill] BigWillie415457%17-13351
us diamond 28812zerg Dr. Narud [SyL] SAWgunnertwo41500%0-10
eu diamond 28969random Dr. Narud Kaygen412853%38-34313
kr diamond 39105terran Dr. Narud Juwon390950%1-130
kr diamond 39359zerg Dr. Narud 친환경389464%7-4149
us diamond 29290zerg Dr. Narud [Fir3s] USMCtosh412463%32-19580
us diamond 39439protoss Dr. Narud [OIGE] Walterex411756%9-7125
eu diamond 29533zerg Dr. Narud Jaxter4096100%4-0126
eu diamond 19615zerg Dr. Narud Swiftblood409246%38-44440
us diamond 29776zerg Dr. Narud collinc409633%1-288
eu diamond 29843random Dr. Narud nemdragon408167%6-360
eu diamond 29922protoss Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby407714%1-630
eu diamond 29987terran Dr. Narud eslegend407417%1-518
us diamond 310350random Dr. Narud dbk406450%1-10
eu diamond 310726protoss Dr. Narud [MTLK] Ripper403862%5-3113
us diamond 310769zerg Dr. Narud [Gyo] PurpleIce404278%7-286
us diamond 310926terran Dr. Narud [PiGPan] Slayer403540%4-6113
eu diamond 211170zerg Dr. Narud [ADDlCT] LDaVinci401548%35-38828
kr diamond 311387zerg Dr. Narud Watcher375244%15-19364
kr diamond 311463protoss Dr. Narud Osmos373948%13-14287
us diamond 311418terran Dr. Narud Jarek401262%16-10186
us diamond 211431zerg Dr. Narud WinHouse401157%17-13246
eu diamond 211568terran Dr. Narud DucKster399650%2-294
us diamond 311841zerg Dr. Narud maX399050%1-130
us diamond 311912random Dr. Narud Rend398733%1-20
eu diamond 312009terran Dr. Narud Louisca397567%2-130
eu diamond 312017zerg Dr. Narud Ferendall39750%0-10
us diamond 312060terran Dr. Narud MonsterZym39810%0-20
us diamond 312347zerg Dr. Narud [mocat] RaijiN396950%2-258
eu diamond 312446zerg Dr. Narud [Hybr1d] Swarmlord3955100%1-00
us diamond 312608zerg Dr. Narud AfterSeven395753%107-95399
eu diamond 312677zerg Dr. Narud [MSII] AinigmA394656%64-51904
us diamond 312707zerg Dr. Narud [DitB] SleezyBleezy39530%0-10
us diamond 313178zerg Dr. Narud [MEXsc] Buho393252%22-20598
eu diamond 313320random Dr. Narud [aW] XVec391883%5-1114
us diamond 313391zerg Dr. Narud [FxL] mike392362%8-5224
us diamond 313407protoss Dr. Narud BTSLUV392255%17-14435
eu diamond 313495zerg Dr. Narud nemdragon391171%5-2114
us diamond 313555zerg Dr. Narud [SyL] Gooseheaded3917100%1-00
eu diamond 313577zerg Dr. Narud [o] Timmey39080%0-30
us diamond 313731zerg Dr. Narud Guccifer390944%4-5116
us diamond 313734zerg Dr. Narud Fiyero390925%2-660
eu diamond 313740random Dr. Narud [HLT] Kami390153%54-48527
eu diamond 314024terran Dr. Narud Baiekoeie388967%2-130
eu diamond 314073random Dr. Narud [CHFW] Ubertturtle388767%4-288
us diamond 314332zerg Dr. Narud [HPJL] KalEl388557%35-26652
us diamond 314398zerg Dr. Narud MiniTitan388358%11-8248
us diamond 314643terran Dr. Narud [IBE2] DeathOfAmon387440%14-21368
us diamond 215001zerg Dr. Narud MrSmith386048%109-118898