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Complete 20 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
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eu master 1 536zerg Dr. Narud kReid565873% 67-251572
us master 1 828zerg Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam538063% 12-7362
eu master 1 829zerg Dr. Narud [I0C] TravisTanner543898% 40-1869
us master 1 1109terran Dr. Narud HawaiinStyle525055% 811-6702784
kr master 2 1436terran Dr. Narud [NEX] lots495350% 109-1101228
kr master 3 1786terran Dr. Narud IlIlIlIlIl485263% 24-14530
eu master 2 1870zerg Dr. Narud Indemnity501553% 234-2112335
us master 2 1938protoss Dr. Narud Sweetness ([ConFed] ShifuNess)500952% 98-901518Σ
eu master 3 2536zerg Dr. Narud [KDV] Dzik48630% 0-10
eu master 3 2548zerg Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby486053% 56-49946
us master 3 2744zerg Dr. Narud Robes484654% 21-18153
eu master 3 3301zerg Dr. Narud [PsiX] Arayon476150%1-188
kr diamond 1 3417zerg Dr. Narud jeakyumkim451056%20-16495
eu master 3 3334terran Dr. Narud Dewd475566%31-16328
eu master 3 3361protoss Dr. Narud Abakus474863%50-29355
us master 3 3708zerg Dr. Narud [AIlin] Antares472447%16-18102
eu master 3 3750protoss Dr. Narud CerealPowner460047%18-2043
eu diamond 1 4165terran Dr. Narud [YpT] bihjiCHOU46840%0-10
eu diamond 1 4178random Dr. Narud RazorBlade468167%4-2140
us diamond 1 4227protoss Dr. Narud SloWMoVeMenT49030% 0-10
kr diamond 1 4462terran Dr. Narud DKblades436949%41-421105
kr diamond 1 4773protoss Dr. Narud IlIlIlIlIl433620%2-836
eu diamond 1 4783zerg Dr. Narud [theDH] Gorthauer457948%38-411450
eu diamond 1 5379terran Dr. Narud Tasemo450851%147-1391467
kr diamond 2 5565protoss Dr. Narud [카봇귀욤귀욤] 나는전설이다425444%11-14306