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Complete 20 Heart of the Swarm campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.
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us master 1 550zerg Dr. Narud [iGx] BamBam542467% 12-6362
eu master 1 664zerg Dr. Narud [I0C] TravisTanner543898% 40-1869
kr master 2 824terran Dr. Narud [NEX] lots510452% 79-74600
us master 2 1205protoss Dr. Narud Sweetness ([ConFed] ShifuNess)505153% 69-61860Σ
kr master 3 1341terran Dr. Narud IlIlIlIlIl485263% 24-14530
eu master 2 1484zerg Dr. Narud kReid499984% 21-4349
eu master 3 1592zerg Dr. Narud MLtBethowen496161% 11-7122
eu master 2 1693zerg Dr. Narud Indemnity492254% 125-108687
eu master 3 1896zerg Dr. Narud [KDV] Dzik48630% 0-10
eu master 3 1962zerg Dr. Narud [LSPs] GreatGatsby484671% 12-5288
us master 3 1981zerg Dr. Narud [AIlin] Antares481457% 8-628
us master 3 2144zerg Dr. Narud Robes478645%9-1129
eu master 3 2343protoss Dr. Narud [МŴŚ] NeWHoriZonS477072%29-11273
eu master 3 2433zerg Dr. Narud [PsiX] Arayon476150%1-188
eu master 3 2475protoss Dr. Narud Abakus474863%50-29355
eu master 3 2504protoss Dr. Narud [I0C] Xavier473950%10-10179
eu master 3 2507terran Dr. Narud Dewd473765%30-16324
eu master 3 2703protoss Dr. Narud CerealPowner460047%18-2043
us diamond 1 2786protoss Dr. Narud SloWMoVeMenT49030% 0-10
eu diamond 1 2988random Dr. Narud MLtBethowen469860%6-4220
eu diamond 1 3031terran Dr. Narud [YpT] bihjiCHOU46840%0-10
kr diamond 2 3262zerg Dr. Narud jeakyumkim439050%3-366
kr diamond 2 3328terran Dr. Narud DKblades437750%3-388
kr diamond 1 3576protoss Dr. Narud IlIlIlIlIl433620%2-836
eu diamond 1 3952protoss Dr. Narud [lWHl] Déjàvu451745%13-16373