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eu master 1 657protoss Crusader Zealot [FxL] Azas553533% 4-8188sc2replaystats
eu master 1 865terran Crusader Zealot [НТТ] NeGaN539986% 6-1254sc2replaystats
us master 3 1099zerg Crusader Zealot [GTBIG] llllllllllll51410% 0-20sc2replaystats
kr master 1 1300terran Crusader Zealot [네오] SlimShadY490441% 28-40644sc2replaystats
us master 1 1263terran Crusader Zealot [GTBIG] llllllllllll50820% 0-20sc2replaystats
us master 1 1292zerg Crusader Zealot [PsiX] unRefiNed506852% 137-1251926sc2replaystats
us master 2 1791protoss Crusader Zealot HHH49320% 0-10
us master 2 1822terran Crusader Zealot Geisterreich492458% 73-521160sc2replaystats
us master 1 1943protoss Crusader Zealot [fLc] Emyndri489751% 140-1351924sc2replaystats
kr master 3 2093protoss Crusader Zealot Swarm458341%32-46414sc2replaystats
us master 2 2031zerg Crusader Zealot Hank4874100% 5-0109sc2replaystats
us master 2 2093protoss Crusader Zealot Geisterreich486178% 32-9575sc2replaystats
us master 2 2212protoss Crusader Zealot SantaClaus484056% 5-486sc2replaystats
us master 2 2325protoss Crusader Zealot llllllllllll481764% 7-4168sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2505protoss Crusader Zealot AniaDoruch484649% 65-671398sc2replaystats
kr diamond 1 2689zerg Crusader Zealot 스타크래프트454550%3-385
kr diamond 1 2709terran Crusader Zealot 스타크래프트454165%28-15654
kr diamond 1 2744protoss Crusader Zealot HomeLife453348%13-14526
us master 2 2728protoss Crusader Zealot [GTBIG] llllllllllll475025%2-664sc2replaystats
eu master 3 2783zerg Crusader Zealot TömmelPömmel479051%33-32399sc2replaystats
eu master 2 2936protoss Crusader Zealot JanSobieski476649%85-90649sc2replaystats
us master 3 2977protoss Crusader Zealot Twachs471333%1-20sc2replaystats
kr diamond 1 3088terran Crusader Zealot Swarm446450%69-691466sc2replaystats
eu master 3 3208zerg Crusader Zealot Patchtoss472692%24-2388sc2replaystats
us master 2 3313protoss Crusader Zealot DISTURB467050%232-2351521sc2replaystats