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kr master 2 456protoss Crusader Marine [Mist] DamnitTerran520562%5-348
eu master 1 875zerg Crusader Marine [FxL] OneStep505148%63-67427
kr diamond 1 1104zerg Crusader Marine [Mist] DamnitTerran4774100%1-00
us diamond 1 1810terran Crusader Marine [Fr33ze] Masterxexe466314%1-646
us diamond 1 2210zerg Crusader Marine [Fr33ze] Masterxexe454725%2-644
eu diamond 1 2498terran Crusader Marine [EESC] SeYkaJh449638%5-8168
kr diamond 2 3448zerg Crusader Marine 프로토스408139%15-23132
us diamond 2 4122terran Crusader Marine [PSISTC] drunkenfuryz419748%58-63207
eu diamond 2 4168zerg Crusader Marine [Xa] illusio419345%15-18157
us diamond 2 4431terran Crusader Marine HellA41580%0-20
us diamond 1 4487terran Crusader Marine [Fir3s] BensonSC415050%61-60324
eu diamond 2 4854terran Crusader Marine DudeAustin410646%32-37197
eu diamond 2 4971random Crusader Marine Boss409343%13-17146
eu diamond 2 5539terran Crusader Marine Wucking402744%16-20158
us diamond 3 7600zerg Crusader Marine [CK0] conkero382251%18-17220
eu diamond 3 8319terran Crusader Marine Forsaken37780%0-10
eu diamond 3 8676terran Crusader Marine [TheDOH] Jairo375452%43-40181