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eu master 1 313zerg Blackhand [nXg] Ryu (Rei)593451% 30-29679Σ
kr master 3 1403terran Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost4841100% 1-00
kr diamond 1 2099zerg Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost462252%39-36949
eu diamond 1 4417terran Blackhand [SDZe] Ostmästaren444947%25-28840
us diamond 2 5662terran Blackhand [UHOMO] Izaki431557%4-385
kr diamond 1 6665zerg Blackhand [VASCO] OopsMind397438%48-77604
eu diamond 2 9227zerg Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran404154%7-6182
eu diamond 3 10126terran Blackhand [GGPD] GGEasY398525%1-330
us diamond 3 10717protoss Blackhand [DOx] Fission39640%0-20
us diamond 3 11536protoss Blackhand [ItNex] Robokops392460%3-20
us diamond 3 12211terran Blackhand Bunub38930%0-10
eu diamond 3 12967terran Blackhand Tekko383633%1-230
eu diamond 3 13064terran Blackhand JBthefirst3832100%4-086
us diamond 3 15232zerg Blackhand Kazasu375152%168-156463
us diamond 3 15298zerg Blackhand [ItNex] Robokops374448%23-25504
eu diamond 3 15452terran Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran372759%34-24516
eu diamond 3 15588terran Blackhand chips371451%68-65537
eu diamond 3 15690zerg Blackhand Charmyy370553%96-85598