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eu master 2 1497protoss Blackhand xoO513256% 106-842149
kr master 3 1873terran Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost4841100% 1-00
eu master 2 2151zerg Blackhand xoO494756% 89-691739
kr diamond 1 2824zerg Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost462252%39-36937
eu master 3 3099zerg Blackhand Creeper477672%49-19499
eu diamond 1 4866terran Blackhand [SDZe] Ostmästaren456752%32-291050
us diamond 2 8151terran Blackhand [UHOMO] Izaki431557%4-385
kr diamond 3 11084zerg Blackhand [NaVi] NIM38890%0-10
us diamond 2 11497zerg Blackhand Clemmy413362%10-6206
eu diamond 2 13674zerg Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran401650%8-8210
us diamond 3 13984random Blackhand [NPhase] David403350%2-2119
eu diamond 3 14546terran Blackhand [GGPD] GGEasY398525%1-330
us diamond 3 15916protoss Blackhand [DOx] Fission39640%0-20
eu diamond 2 15960protoss Blackhand Rillion393553%271-2451155
eu diamond 3 16164terran Blackhand Woozie392952%162-1511366
us diamond 3 17226protoss Blackhand [ItNex] Robokops392460%3-20
us diamond 3 18279zerg Blackhand [Zaki] NIM389350%3-3144
eu diamond 3 19040random Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran384055%6-5170
eu diamond 3 19213terran Blackhand Tekko383633%1-230
us diamond 3 19317zerg Blackhand hanko386647%7-8204
eu diamond 3 19378terran Blackhand JBthefirst3832100%4-086
eu diamond 3 19985zerg Blackhand Bronhit381660%18-12444
us diamond 3 20006zerg Blackhand [Mamers] ROBERTCYBY384957%4-3118
eu diamond 3 21012protoss Blackhand Dennis379245%5-694
eu diamond 3 21236zerg Blackhand [Medoed] CavKvasovar378642%10-14300