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eu master 1 301zerg Blackhand [nXg] Ryu (Rei)595151% 27-26787Σ
kr master 3 906terran Blackhand [하이퍼큐브] Sea50370% 0-10
kr master 3 1353terran Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost4841100% 1-00
kr diamond 1 2058zerg Blackhand [일반인원탑] Swarmhost462253%36-32851
eu diamond 1 4437terran Blackhand [SDZe] Ostmästaren442946%21-25706
us diamond 2 5377terran Blackhand [UHOMO] Izaki431557%4-385
kr diamond 1 6223zerg Blackhand [VASCO] OopsMind399537%38-65552
eu diamond 3 8562zerg Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran405767%4-286
eu diamond 3 9701terran Blackhand [GGPD] GGEasY398525%1-330
us diamond 3 10118protoss Blackhand [DOx] Fission39640%0-20
us diamond 3 11514terran Blackhand Bunub38930%0-10
eu diamond 3 12394terran Blackhand Tekko383633%1-230
eu diamond 3 12480terran Blackhand JBthefirst3832100%4-086
us diamond 3 14235zerg Blackhand Kazasu375152%168-156463
us diamond 3 14292zerg Blackhand [ItNex] Robokops374448%23-25504
eu diamond 3 14428terran Blackhand [TODOW] Woozie375053%20-18459
eu diamond 3 15035zerg Blackhand Charmyy369953%91-80478
eu diamond 3 15085terran Blackhand [VFAND] Mybàran369357%31-23436
eu diamond 3 15149terran Blackhand chips368450%57-56410
us platinum 1 15426random Blackhand [NPhase] David399433%1-246
eu platinum 3 16623terran Blackhand IIIIIIIIIIII381450%7-794
us platinum 1 16752zerg Blackhand DukeSilver372962%33-20650
us platinum 2 20723zerg Blackhand Insatiable355858%11-8213
eu platinum 2 21043terran Blackhand Joaquin352550%52-51541
eu platinum 2 21832protoss Blackhand Rillion349157%24-18515