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Contribute to the inaugural BaseTradeTV live event in 2015
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eu master 3 1330zerg BaseTradeTV [PSISTM] Freeedom479660%3-220Σ
us diamond 1 1617protoss BaseTradeTV Kitten465462%8-5239
eu diamond 1 2266zerg BaseTradeTV [COOPM] SMK452156%9-7248
us diamond 1 2539terran BaseTradeTV BBQ44070%0-10
eu diamond 1 3338protoss BaseTradeTV [ECV] Legion429647%17-19265
us diamond 2 3553terran BaseTradeTV Kitten421561%11-7173
us diamond 2 3724zerg BaseTradeTV [GGK] StfuSiriusly41850%0-10
us diamond 2 3814terran BaseTradeTV [ACCF] DouchePIG416929%7-1776
us diamond 2 3881protoss BaseTradeTV SluttyMagoo415833%1-20
us diamond 2 4385terran BaseTradeTV lamycnd409360%3-258
us diamond 2 4404protoss BaseTradeTV [SoEazy] JimmyShmo409150%1-188
us diamond 3 4577protoss BaseTradeTV [TkQ] SimSin4071100%1-00
us diamond 3 4774zerg BaseTradeTV Solar404467%4-275
us diamond 2 4860random BaseTradeTV [LOOPY] deathasleep403525%3-926
us diamond 3 5035zerg BaseTradeTV [lLiTl] Lemmons401620%1-430
us diamond 3 5047protoss BaseTradeTV [IDGI] EnderSword40150%0-10
us diamond 3 5499terran BaseTradeTV superhiero396467%8-4101
us diamond 3 5642zerg BaseTradeTV LexmaY395050%1-130
eu diamond 3 5946random BaseTradeTV PastaProphet395843%3-471
us diamond 3 6971zerg BaseTradeTV [TkQ] SimSin382657%4-369
eu diamond 3 6977terran BaseTradeTV [TheDOH] disieh386046%6-752
eu diamond 3 7287zerg BaseTradeTV [lMMl] Macmed383359%13-9153
us diamond 3 7999zerg BaseTradeTV CobaltOrange374146%6-767