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Contribute to the inaugural BaseTradeTV live event in 2015
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eu master 1 660terran BaseTradeTV [ECV] Nomade542252% 29-27416
kr master 2 833terran BaseTradeTV [HistOB] IIIIIIIIII507725% 1-322
us master 2 1201zerg BaseTradeTV [nG] Zode502449% 38-40463
us master 2 1277zerg BaseTradeTV [PSISTM] Freeedom49990% 0-10Σ
eu master 3 2116zerg BaseTradeTV [PSISTM] Freeedom478959%35-24508Σ
eu diamond 2 2728zerg BaseTradeTV Yrr4761100%4-0150
eu diamond 1 3068zerg BaseTradeTV Fathra46430%0-20
eu diamond 1 3103zerg BaseTradeTV [TheDOH] PGP463464%16-9453
eu diamond 1 3436zerg BaseTradeTV [BNG] Doomro45740%0-10
us diamond 1 3751protoss BaseTradeTV Kitten450949%115-120974
eu diamond 1 3902protoss BaseTradeTV [ECV] Legion450051%71-68664
eu diamond 1 4097zerg BaseTradeTV SMK447071%5-2216
us diamond 1 4375terran BaseTradeTV [KYLE2] Zarko443050%28-28786
eu diamond 1 4389protoss BaseTradeTV [NoR4U] wickedgopher443348%51-56903
eu diamond 1 4547protoss BaseTradeTV [WBO] MrTurtle441535%8-15220
us diamond 2 4855terran BaseTradeTV PbSoul43750%0-20
eu diamond 2 5113terran BaseTradeTV [AoTu] Evolver4350100%1-00
eu diamond 3 5513terran BaseTradeTV [BNG] Doomro43090%0-10
us diamond 2 5571zerg BaseTradeTV PbSoul429562%5-3126
us diamond 2 5576terran BaseTradeTV Slaytanic429456%71-56655
us diamond 2 6978terran BaseTradeTV BBQ417353%47-41574
us diamond 2 7233terran BaseTradeTV lamycnd4155100%2-030
us diamond 2 7460zerg BaseTradeTV [GGK] StfuSiriusly413948%11-12286
us diamond 3 7727zerg BaseTradeTV [InGt] Pugwash412150%3-318
us diamond 2 7777protoss BaseTradeTV [SoEazy] JimmyShmo411744%18-23418