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kr master 1 53zerg Banshee Queen [SGlory] 絕對絕望少年540062% 50-31832
us master 1 198zerg Banshee Queen [Rival] EON523355% 135-1122349
us master 1 222protoss Banshee Queen RoyalGuard520345% 5-6171
kr master 3 391zerg Banshee Queen [EtnD] Miro47720%0-50Σ
eu master 2 368protoss Banshee Queen RoyalGuard490530% 3-793
us master 3 421zerg Banshee Queen [TeamUR] Sworn496550% 1-118
kr diamond 1 541protoss Banshee Queen [SGlory] 絕對絕望少年480552% 11-10460
eu master 3 478zerg Banshee Queen Kyoshi48290% 0-30
us master 3 785terran Banshee Queen Neith478879%26-7467
eu diamond 1 1237protoss Banshee Queen [EWLG] PriNce465750%3-3142
eu diamond 1 1320zerg Banshee Queen SacRiFiCeR463644%16-20712
us diamond 1 1768zerg Banshee Queen Bango4619100%1-00
us diamond 2 2645protoss Banshee Queen [CBOP] LunaSea4509100%1-00
eu diamond 1 2647terran Banshee Queen [PsiX] GalaxyFlash44620%0-10
us diamond 1 2751zerg Banshee Queen LitlePony449846%11-13464
eu diamond 1 2754zerg Banshee Queen Soltikó444952%221-200503
eu diamond 1 3014zerg Banshee Queen [Kstz] Fendrisar44290%0-50
us diamond 1 3097terran Banshee Queen TreetopHuntR446980%4-10
us diamond 1 3651terran Banshee Queen MeganWatters442256%81-631591
us diamond 1 3870zerg Banshee Queen [figola] SpookySteven440450%63-621043
eu diamond 1 4052zerg Banshee Queen Raki433655%117-97825
us diamond 2 4249zerg Banshee Queen Neith437217%1-50
us diamond 2 4294zerg Banshee Queen Naruga436756%14-11382
us diamond 1 4350protoss Banshee Queen Neith436237%7-12242
eu diamond 2 4491zerg Banshee Queen [EWLG] PriNce430275%3-1136