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Complete the Tal'darim Missions in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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us master 1 258terran Alarak Nero ([TeamEz] JuanPablow)59590% 0-10Σ
eu master 1 298terran Alarak Kas (Lucifer)597755% 54-451125Σ
kr master 1 527terran Alarak [임프] 노을5346100% 1-00
us master 1 550protoss Alarak DominiC (Abaddon)540467% 2-172Σ
kr master 3 707protoss Alarak [네오] SGW519150% 1-185
kr master 2 759protoss Alarak Name (긍정적인험영유저)514539% 7-11138
eu master 3 773zerg Alarak Kas (Lucifer)535550% 2-2121Σ
us master 2 993terran Alarak Mog514450% 3-381
eu master 1 1214protoss Alarak [IBeAŚI] DtDarkLycid511149% 35-37673
kr master 3 1499terran Alarak 강민경478553%32-28349
kr master 3 1562zerg Alarak [W333] 토왕토472852%45-41329
kr diamond 2 1663terran Alarak Sheep50070% 0-10
us master 2 1675zerg Alarak [InGt] TwoDrunk489445% 21-26318
us master 3 1920zerg Alarak Mog482550% 1-16
kr diamond 1 2476terran Alarak [엔에스] wildrage452564%14-8468
us master 3 2417protoss Alarak DKnight474055%55-45502
us diamond 1 2892protoss Alarak [InGt] KaiSeR472260%3-20
us diamond 1 3261protoss Alarak [QwQ] EnTaroXCoce46190%0-10
kr diamond 2 3435protoss Alarak [Card] Spotlight434045%15-18430
kr diamond 2 3488zerg Alarak GreenSkin433267%2-158
eu diamond 1 3833protoss Alarak Geo453025%1-30
kr diamond 2 3981zerg Alarak 엠비씨게임살려내 (MBCgame)426051%22-21570
kr diamond 2 4158zerg Alarak [Aster] elitegold423650%80-80593
kr diamond 2 4177protoss Alarak 삼태극423350%110-112619
us diamond 1 4178protoss Alarak [SFP] Uniden447971%12-5144